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KO4BB's Audio Page

Audio related programs I tried and like, and other audio related info.

1) Music Compression in modern recordings

2) Why 24bit/192kHz music playback makes no sense, from xiph.org

3) High quality digital CD ripper (Audio CD to .wav)

4) Best Audio Player

5) LP to .wav recorder

6) De-noisers

Used to clean up old LPs or tape recordings from hiss, scratches, rumble and other noises.

Typically, denoisers are the kind of software that makes you want a faster CPU. The fan will run a lot on a laptop.

I have not found a good, free (or open source) de-noiser, even though Audacity has some noise removal capability. There are several good shareware programs though.

7) MP3 encoders and format converters

8) OGG encoder/decoder

9) Best all-in-one ripping/playing program (MP3 only)

10) Best all-around multimedia player (audio AND video)

11) Audio Editing

12) Digital Audio technical articles:

13) General information on transfering LPs to MP3s or OGGs

14) More info than you probably ever wanted on sound cards

15) What the proposed Intel/Microsoft TCPA/Palladium technology means to computer privacy and your right to rip and encode your own CD's.

16) Interesting paper on Digital Rights Management.

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