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Bruce's: Phase Noise Measurement



  1. Extending the Range and Accuracy of Phase Noise Measurements
  2. Accurate Measurement of Spectral Density of Phase Noise in Devices
  3. Design Considerations in State-of-the-Art Signal Processing and Phase Noise Measurement Systems
  4. Wenzel: Measuring Phase Noise
  5. Wenzel BP_1000 Phase noise Measurement set Manual
  6. W band AM/PM noise measurement system
  7. Precision Phase Noise Metrology

Phase Detectors

A double balanced mixer employing Schottky diodes with an IF response extending to dc is the usual choice for low noise systems

Spectrum Analysers

For frequency offsets in the range [20Hz, 20kHz] a PC sound card can be used as the spectrum analyser. A stereo card even allows cross correlation techniques to be employed to reduce the system noise floor.

For frequency offsets below 20Hz a dc coupled analyser is useful. Either an ADC card with suitable software or an actual spectrum analyser can be used.

For frequency offsets greater than 20kHz, either a spectrum analyser or a wide bandwidth high resolution ADC can be used (with suitable software).