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Ham Links

The Very Best Free Software!!!

N1MM Logger, the best contest logging software on the
Check the N1MMLogger group at yahoo and register.
Dave Bernstein AA6YQ's page, home of the DX Lab suite. It's even got the kitchen sink!
KC4ELO's page, home of Logger32, the best General Logging software by Bob Furzer, K4CY,
Check the Logger32 group at yahoo and register.

Ham Pages

K1BV's DX Awards compendium, updated daily.
AC6V's page, on so many ham radio topics, you have to check it for yourself.
KB7AVT's Ham Page.
AG6K's pages. Lots of useful info on various Kenwood rigs and Linear Amplifiers.
AB4OJ's page, Lots of ICOM info and technical papers on IF DSP radios in general.
High quality ham radio shirts and t-shirts. Made by Hams for Hams. Made in the


FT-817 Links,
Yaesu FT-817 Portable QRP MF/HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver,

Various Interesting Electronic and Software links

John Miles KE5FX pages, GPIB Toolkit and RF/microwave projects,
Rohm's pages on basic electronic components,

Commercial Products + Dealers

Universal Radio shortwave, amateur, scanner and CB radio since 1942,
TPL Communications,
Lunar-Link Amplifiers,
Lunar Amplifier Products,
Alpha Power,
Tokyo Hi-Power Linear Amplifiers,
Circuits Specialists Inc:
What happened to National Semiconductors?

Other Ham related services

CQ Yellow Pages, WA5KXX's directory of ham products and


FRB 9 element High Power Low Pass Filter Plan Review,
DSP-10 2-meter Home Built DSP Amateur Radio Transceiver by W7PUA,
Amateur Radio Antenna Projects,
Rex's Microwave Place - KK6MK,
Ham radio projects by Csaba, YO5OFH,
Index of /yo5ofh/projects,

Radio Mods - The #1 site for modification for hamradios and it's FREE to use!!
Radio Mods,
Index of /rainbow/tech/radios/mods,
Yaesu mods,
Various Yaesu Modifications Page,

Radio Courses


Still More Great Software

Ham Radio Software,
NetRing: Amateur Radio,;action=list
WSJT Main Page,
Ham CAD Software,
Sound Card Packet - AGWPE,
Overview of S/W DSP,
RT Systems Radio Programming Software,


Meteor scatter, Make More Miles On VHF, Meteorscatter,


David DiGiacomo's Test Equipment and Electronics Information,
Interesting page on the history of communication:
Custom Coax Cable Assemblies:
Ham Radio Manuals and Schematics,
ARRLWeb: ARRL Home Page,
FCC ID# Search Form,
FCC ID Search Form,
FCC: Amateur Radio Services,
Universal Licensing System,
AAA PACKET RADIO ; Frequency Listing DC to Daylight!,
Amateur Radio Links,
Heavens-Above Main Page (Shalimar),
W5UN Home Page,
Burghardt Amateur Center,
Strong Signals - Radio Monitoring At Its Finest,
WA6TWJ's Ham Radio Web Page # 3,
WWW radioklubu OK1OMX,
Heavens-Above Main Page,
W5UN Home Page,
TAPR Special Interest Groups,
Search Television and Radio Stations On Line,
NinoPo's web resource,
APRS Database Access,
N1EU Web Site - Contesting, TopBand 160M, QRP, FT1000MP, Ten-Tec, Audio, WriteLog & Mods,
Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) free classifieds, swap, hamfest,
SMA to BNC Adapter,
VA3BIK's Code Practice Page,