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Product Review: solder paste dispenser

I purchased this dispenser on Tindie in order to make it easier to build prototypes and to reduce the embarrassement of my very poor surface mount solder joints...

Very nice indeed. The system is well thought out and very well made. I made my first board with it yesterday and the learning curve is not very steep. I am sure that with a little bit of experience it will get even easier.

Looking at the amount of work that went into the design and the quality of the manufacturing, the price is very attractive and well worth it.

I used the medium tip with TS391LT low melting point solder paste I bought from Digikey, and using the default settings on the controller, it is fine for 0805 components and SO-8 ICs but the medium tip is a little too big (or I need better control) for smaller pitch parts like the LQFP-32 (0.8mm pitch).

It would be nice if the documentation included some specific examples of settings for common solder paste and pads as I had no idea where to start... But I recognize that you will always have to adjust to your preferences, and the documentation does have recommendations on how to adjust the settings and their effects.

The dispenser was shipped right away but it took a while to be delivered because of the COVID-19 effect on USPS and other services, so that's definitely not Dan's fault. Dan is very responsive to email questions, so kudos for that too.

Definitely very happy with my purchase, highly recommended!

PS: I bought this with my own money, I am not affiliated with the company in any ways, I am just a happy customer.