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TDS2xx Screen Dump - Release Notes


The download comes in 2 pieces, the base install which includes either a non-functional or an older version of the program's exe and all the dlls and controls, and the latest version of the executable.
Once you have done the base install once, you only need to download the new executable for upgrades (unless advised differently in the Version Info at the bottom of this page..

Download base install

Download current exe (copy to your install directory)

Software License available here.


Unzip the file in a temporary directory and run the Setup.exe program.
Unless you change the default settings, the program will install in C:\Program Files\KO4BB Software\TDS2xxDump and create an entry in the Start menu.
If you select another directory, make a note of it.
Then download the TDS2xxDump.exe file directly into the program's installation directory.
It will overwrite the TDS2xxDump.exe file created by the base install.


This program has only been tested under Windows XP. The program should but may not work under other versions of Windows.

This is very preliminary and incomplete. Feel free to come back or ask questions if you can't wait...

Setup and Operation

Select the serial port connected to the oscilloscope, and make sure the oscilloscope is configured as shown in the Help->Scope Setup menu.

The program only shows the COM ports that are installed when you run the program.

If you use a USB-serial converter, it may not be showing up as the same COM port each time.

Click on the "ID" button first. It allows a quick check that the scope and the program are talking. If it works, the scope's ID will print on the screen.

To acquire a waveform, click on "Acquire" and wait (could take up to 30 seconds for a TDS 210 at 9600 bauds)

Then you will be prompted for a name under which the file will be saved. You can only save a file as a bitmap, but the file is not very big (about 38k).

The program saves the COM port setting when you exit.

Run time issues

The program has been tested onb Win7 and Win 10, 32 and 64 bits. However, Windows 7 and 10 do not always play nice with Visual Basic 6.0 and in some cases dll or ocx files may not register properly.

Here are some suggestions of things to try if an OCX file fails to register.

Problem with MSCOMM32.OCX:

This ocx file is the file that allows to access the COM port. Pretty basic for this application :) 

If you installed the program using the setup.exe program, it should have installed this object. I know Visual Basic 6.0 and Windows 7 do not always play nice, and on occasion I had to register it by hand.

Click on Start->All Programs->Accessories then press Shift while you right-click on Command Prompt and select "Run as administrator"

The command window should open on C:\Windows\System32

If you have Win 7 32 bits, check that the file is there:
dir mscomm32.ocx

If you have the 64 bit Windows variant, change to:
cd ..\syswow64 and then type the "dir" command there

If it does not find the file in either directory, you can copy it from the install directory (when you expanded the zip file) to the respective directory (system32 for Windows 32 bits, syswow64 for Windows 64 bits)

Once you find it (or copy it), enter the following command from the command prompt in the directory where the file is located:
regsvr32 mscomm32.ocx

If you get a window that says "Success", you are good.

If it gives you an error message (like it failed to register), I suggest you look at the last suggestion on this page:

To the best of my knowledge, this last fix has been successful in every case not fixed by the steps above, but you have to try the others first.

Note that this works on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Important Note:

As always, there are no guarantees. If you have questions, I will do my best to address them.


Bugs?? Nah!!!