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Tektronix Serial Numbers

From a thread on Tekscopes

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  From: pdxoregonpete
  Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 11:55 AM
  Subject: [TekScopes] Tek serial numbers Was: 7704A/P7001

  Just a FYI on Tek s/n's

  For those groups (later divisions) that followed the rules and
  there were exceptions the first producion unit would be B010101.
  B was for Beaverton (*) 01 the initial design revision and 0101 the
  first unit. Sometimes when a design revision was done the
  sequence number was reset, for example B041234 then B050001
  (or maybe B050101 that I cant remember)

  Sometimes you will see instruments on Ebay that have a single letter
  then two digits. These were engineering s/n's.

  Ann - A Phase - "any thing can change"
  Bnn - B Phase - "major design changes done", very close to production
  at times customers would be 'lent' B phase instruments
  then in most cases production.

  now i wish I still had my copy of Deane's NPI manual

  Cnn - C Phase, and I also remember seeing AAnn on a one of a kind
  7K plugin I use to own.

  (*) Dean or Stan - Was B initially for Beaverton and did I make
  any mistakes ?

Hi Pete:
   That is a good explanation of the serial numbering system.
   B was for Beaverton but changed to include all of the US
   manufacturing sites, but the Redmond group rebelled and used R instead.
   The international customs people wanted a way of knowing where things
   were manufactured so other letters were used and SonyTek used 300000
   without a letter.