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This program was written because at the time, I could not find a free WebCam program that I liked (see links at the bottom).
It supports automatic FTP uploads to your web site host, so the world can enjoy the view from your driveway, or your pets, or anything else.
It also automatically detects motion in front of the camera so you can send an email automatically when something is moving in the field of view.
It is also convenient to see what settings are available with your webcam as it exposes all the settings provided by the driver.
If you change the settings from within this program, any other program that uses the same webcam will use the new settings.
That's convenient with programs such as Yahoo Messenger, which do not give you access to camera settings, and sometimes you may want to increase the brightness of change the resolution (when these settings are available with the driver).
Please note the program will only let you adjust what is provided by the driver, not less and not more.

It is free for you to use.

Check the Release Notes page for downloads, installation, usage and the latest information and bug fixes.

Software License available here.



Since I wrote the program, I found a web site with a considerable number of links and references to WebCam programs.

Click here for Gary Beene's VB and WebCam site.