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What to do if you do not find the manual or software you are looking for?


All the manuals and software I have are on this web site and can be found using the Search tool or by browsing through the various folders.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please check the Links page. There is no need to ask me if I have such and such manual or software that you did not find on the site. If it is not on the site, I do not have it.

When I am looking for specific information, such as manuals or troubleshooting information, I check any of several test equipment and amateur radio mailing lists, such as Manual_Exchange, HP_Agilent_Equipment, Marconi Test Instruments, LeCroy Owners Group and TekScopes on Yahoo Groups, the Time-Nuts mailing list hosted by John Ackerman and the Microwave Reflector on

If you need help with a particular manual, piece of software or test equipment, check these mailing lists.

I suggest sending your request to one of those lists only after you have done your own due diligence and searched the recommended sources in the Links page and searched through the archives of the mailing list. Nothing is more irritating than people asking questions that have already been answered. Doing that will not get you many friends and certainly will not help you resolve your problem.

Do not ask me for manuals or software you did not find on the site. If it is not on the site, I do not have it.

Nor do I have some source of manual or software that is not listed. All I know about manuals and sources is in the Links page.

Please do not ask me if I can help you troubleshoot your equipment or help you resolve issues with software downloaded from the Manuals pages. With well over 30,000 documents and software on this site, you should not expect me to own and/or be familiar with every piece of gear I have documentation for or every piece of software hosted in the Manuals pages. If you need help troubleshooting your equipment or software, see the mailing lists above.