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Important news:

The ko4bb.com site will be moving to a new home. The traffic has slowly but surely increased over the years and our current home is simply not big enough.
I have been advised that this site could be shut down without notice, so I have temporarily suspended manual downloads until the new site is up (you will get a 404 Page not found when trying to download).
Do not be concerned, none of the manuals will be lost in the process (they have already been transferred to the new site). However, it would be appreciated if you could delay uploading new material until the transition is complete, in a week at the most.
For a quick look at how the site has evolved over the last 7 years, check the Statistics page.
Thank you for your patience.
Didier KO4BB, sysadmin.

KO4BB's Manuals Repository

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 Power Designs 2005A Power Supply Service ManualPDF 1.7M
 Power Designs 2005 Power SupplyPDF 372K
 Power Designs 2015R Service ManualPDF 1.6M
 Power Designs 2020B 5020 C500 Power Supply Service ManualPDF 1016K
 Power Designs 2040APDF 7.2M
 Power Designs 3650S Power Supply Operator ManualPDF 9.2M
 Power Designs 3650S Power Supply SchematicPDF 1.4M
 Power Designs 3650S Power Supply Service ManualPDF 2.6M
 Power Designs 5015T Power Supply Service ManualPDF 1.7M
 Power Designs TP325 Power Supply Service ManualPDF 1.3M
 Power Designs TP340A TP343B Power Supply Service ManualPDF 1016K
 Power Designs TP340 TP343A Power Supply Service ManualPDF 1.4M
 Power Designs TW347D TW5005D TW6050D Power Supply Service ManualPDF 1.3M
 Power Designs TW5005T Dual 0-50V500ma Power Supply Service ManualPDF 3.7M
 Power Designs TW5005W Dual 50V 500mA Power Supply Service ManualPDF 1.9M

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