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Manuals Directory: HP Agilent
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 1) HP App NotesDirectory 
 2) HP JournalsDirectory 
 3) HP Bench BriefsDirectory 
 4) Repair TipsDirectory 
 AGL 33120A Option 001 Phase Lock Assembly OptionPDF 1.3M
 AGL 34970A Data Acquisition Switch Unit Service Guide Ed3 March03PDF 6.8M
 AGL 4263B Short FormPDF 760K
 AGL E3631 Triple Output DC Power Supply - Service ManualPDF 6.3M
 Agilent 34420ADirectory 
 Agilent 52312A Frequency Counter Timer EPROM 4613ZIP 1.9M
 Agilent 6177C 6181C Precision Constant Current Source Service ManualPDF 3.2M
 Agilent 6643ADirectory 
 Agilent 8515A S-Parameter testset Operator Manual-Sep.'90PDF 6.7M
 Agilent 8552A 8552B 8556A Special scale to fit on log ref level knob of 8552 A or BBMP 3.5M
 Agilent 8657A Rom Image for 27C256 EPROM EPROM-08657A-87026-cs-5C3157-27C256  32K
 Agilent 8673 MW generator EPROMRAR 36K
 Agilent 8702Directory 
 Agilent E3640A E3641A E3642A Power Supply Service ManualPDF 5.4M
 Agilent E4418A EPM-441A RF Power Meter EPROM DSP Rev A.01.1-E4418-80023BIN 64K
 Agilent HP 70000 MMS CatalogPDF 17M
 HPIB tutorial HPPDF 5.3M
 HP 00181-90915181T TR Operation Service ManualPDF 78M
 HP 10020A Resistive Divider Kit Operating Notes June 1972PDF 136K
 HP 10250A TTL Trigger Probe Operator ManualPDF 30M
 HP 103 Quartz OscillatorDirectory 
 HP 105Directory 
 HP 10514 Mixer Jan 1967PDF 1.1M
 HP 10526T Logic PulserPDF 2.6M
 HP 10529A Supp Logic ComparatorPDF 1.6M
 HP 10534 Mixer June 1968PDF 1.1M
 HP 10543 Crystal Oven OscillatorDirectory 
 HP 10544 Crystal Oven OscillatorDirectory 
 HP 10638A Degausser Operation And Service ManualPDF 18M
 HP 106 107 Quartz OscillatorDirectory 
 HP 10811 Crystal Oven OscillatorDirectory 
 HP 1124A Probe OM 1PDF 516K
 HP 113BR Frequency Divider And Clock ManualPDF 21M
 HP 11665 ModulatorDirectory 
 HP 11666APDF 3.1M
 HP 11710B Operating And Service ManualPDF 3.4M
 HP 11720A Pulse Modulator Operator ManualPDF 1.5M
 HP 11729BDirectory 
 HP 120Directory 
 HP 1200A B Dual Trace Oscilloscope Operation and Service ManualPDF 6.4M
 HP 1201AB Dual Trace Oscilloscope Service ManualPDF 21M
 HP 1310Directory 
 HP 1332ADirectory 
 HP 1333ADirectory 
 HP 1335ADirectory 
 HP 1345 Digital Display 01345-90915PDF 19M
 HP 141T Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 14761A Harmonic and Emissions Tests 5962-0831PDF 548K
 HP 1600A Logic AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 1602ADirectory 
 HP 1630A D 1631A D Logic Analyzer EPROM 14-Oct-1985-HP 1630A-D 1631A-D ROMsZIP 96K
 HP 1630 Logic AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 1650B-1651B Logic AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 1652B HP 1653B Service ManualPDF 99M
 HP 1652 Logic AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 1660Directory 
 HP 1700-Series Opt 034 035 Multimeter ServicePDF 4.0M
 HP 1707B Oscilloscope Operating Service ManualPDF 69M
 HP 1722A Oscilloscope Service ManualPDF 14M
 HP 1740 OscilloscopeDirectory 
 HP 1744 OscilloscopeDirectory 
 HP 182Directory 
 HP 1980A BDirectory 
 HP 200Directory 
 HP 213A Pulse Generator Service ManualPDF 912K
 HP 241A-904 10Hz 1MHz OscillatorPDF 5.1M
 HP 3047Directory 
 HP 3048 Phase Noise Test SetDirectory 
 HP 3200B VHF Oscillator Operation Service ManualPDF 3.9M
 HP 3300A Signal Generator Service ManualPDF 1.0M
 HP 3310AB OSPDF 27M
 HP 33120A RB Waveform GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 3312A Function Generator Service ManualPDF 3.8M
 HP 3324A Synthesized Function GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 3325A SynthesizerDirectory 
 HP 3326A ROM Images for Dual 27256 Rev-A 1984.7z  32K
 HP 3330 SynthesizerDirectory 
 HP 3335A SynthesizerDirectory 
 HP 3336A B C SynthesizerDirectory 
 HP 334Directory 
 HP 3351Directory 
 HP 3400A RMS VoltmeterDirectory 
 HP 3403CDirectory 
 HP 3403 RMS VoltmeterDirectory 
 HP 3406 Wideband VoltmeterDirectory 
 HP 34401A 6.5 Digit MultimeterDirectory 
 HP 3456A 6 Digit Bench MultimeterDirectory 
 HP 3457Directory 
 HP 3458 8.5 Digit Bench MultimeterDirectory 
 HP 346Directory 
 HP 3465B Multimeter Service ManualPDF 8.2M
 HP 3466A Digital Multimeter Operation Service ManualPDF 14M
 HP 3468 3468A Digital MultimeterDirectory 
 HP 34702 34750 MultimeterDirectory 
 HP 34703ADirectory 
 HP 3476 MultimeterDirectory 
 HP 3478A MultimeterDirectory 
 HP 3488A Switch Control UnitDirectory 
 HP 3497Directory 
 HP 3552Directory 
 HP 3560Directory 
 HP 3561A manual changeDirectory 
 HP 3562A Dynamic Signal AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 35665A Dynamic Signal Analyzer EPROM A.01.11ZIP 1.4M
 HP 3575Directory 
 HP 3577A Network AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 3580A Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 3581Directory 
 HP 3582 Real Time Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 3585 40MHz Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 3585 Spectrum AnalyzerZIP 243M
 HP 3586A B C Selective VoltmeterDirectory 
 HP 3588 150MHz Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 3589 150MHz Vector Network AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 3610 Lab Power Supply Service ManualPDF 11M
 HP 3614-17 Lab Power Supply Operating and Service ManualPDF 2.0M
 HP 3620 Lab Power Supply Operating and Service ManualPDF 680K
 HP 3634A Lab Power supply Operating and Service ManualPDF 4.1M
 HP 400 AC VoltmeterDirectory 
 HP 410Directory 
 HP 410C Solid State MultimeterPDF 4.9M
 HP 4140A pA Meter DC Voltage Source Service ManualPDF 6.6M
 HP 4142 902104142B Service Manual Feb 92PDF 16M
 HP 415E SWR Meter Operation Service ManualPDF 4.6M
 HP 4194A Impedance Gain Phase AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 4195 500MHz Vector Spectrum Network AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 419ADirectory 
 HP 4261 EPROMsDirectory 
 HP 4263B Service ManualPDF 520K
 HP 427A Analog VoltmeterDirectory 
 HP 4286A LCR Meter Service ManualPDF 3.1M
 HP 4291B RF Impedance Analyzer Service ManualPDF 4.0M
 HP 431 Power MeterDirectory 
 HP 432 Power MeterDirectory 
 HP 434Directory 
 HP 4352B VCO PLL Signal Analyzer Service ManualPDF 6.7M
 HP 435 Power MeterDirectory 
 HP 436A Power MeterDirectory 
 HP 437 Power MeterDirectory 
 HP 438ADirectory 
 HP 4395A Network Analyzer Service ManualPDF 20M
 HP 4396B Network Analyzer Service ManualPDF 4.6M
 HP 4436A Attenuator ManualPDF 6.2M
 HP 4951C Protocol Analyzer EPROM Unknown-HP4951CROMBackupZIP 88K
 HP 5004A Operating and Service ManualPDF 5.9M
 HP 5061A Cesium Beam Frequency StandardDirectory 
 HP 5062-3990 Handle Kit 4U-5959-5530PDF 192K
 HP 5065 Rubidium Frequency StandardDirectory 
 HP 5071A Cesium Frequency StandardDirectory 
 HP 5085A Power Supply Service ManualPDF 46M
 HP 5087A Distribution Amplifier Service ManualPDF 52M
 HP 5110A Synthesizer Driver Service ManualPDF 9.0M
 HP 5232A Calibration ManualPDF 60K
 HP 5245L Counter Service Manual Aug 68PDF 36M
 HP 5245 5246 5247 5248 Electronic Counters and Plug-Ins Datasheet 15jun1969PDF 20M
 HP 5252A Prescaler 1965 WWPDF 19M
 HP 5253B Operating and Service Manual Nov 65PDF 8.3M
 HP 5254C Operating and Service ManualPDF 5.7M
 HP 5257A Transfer OscillatorPDF 14M
 HP 53131A 53132A 53181A Universal CounterDirectory 
 HP 5314A Universal CounterDirectory 
 HP 5315 Universal CounterDirectory 
 HP 5328A A3 oven osc support newPDF 2.3M
 HP 5328A A3 oven osc support oldPDF 180K
 HP 5328A Opt H99 (militarized) manual 1984PDF 9.8M
 HP 5328A options informationTXT 4.0K
 HP 5328 Universal CounterDirectory 
 HP 53310 Modulation Domain AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 53313A universal frequency counter EPROM 3944ZIP 360K
 HP 5334 Universal CounterDirectory 
 HP 5335 Universal CounterDirectory 
 HP 5342A Microwave CounterDirectory 
 HP 5344 SynchronizerDirectory 
 HP 5347A-48A Service ManualPDF 21M
 HP 5350 5351 5352 Microwave CounterDirectory 
 HP 5359ADirectory 
 HP 5363B Operating and Service ManualPDF 11M
 HP 5370A Differential Linearity ModificationsPDF 192K
 HP 5370 Universal CounterDirectory 
 HP 5372A Time Interval AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 5382A Operating and Service ManualPDF 5.0M
 HP 5383 Frequency CounterDirectory 
 HP 5384A Electornic Counter EPROM Unknown-2532-05384-80002BIN 4.0K
 HP 5386A Frequency Counter Operator ManualPDF 2.1M
 HP 5386A Frequency Counter Service Manual-HP 5386A SMPDF 7.0M
 HP 540Directory 
 HP 54002A 50 Ohms Input Node Operating NotePDF 80K
 HP 54100A 1GHz Digitizing OscilloscopeDirectory 
 HP 54110D Digitizing Oscilloscope EPROM 54100-66530 ReZIP 124K
 HP 54201A Digital Storage OscilloscopeDirectory 
 HP 54501 100MHz Digitizing OscilloscopeDirectory 
 HP 54502A Digitizing Oscilloscope Service ManualPDF 3.2M
 HP 54510A Relay Accessory-ServicePDF 1.2M
 HP 54522Directory 
 HP 54522A Bootloader Rom see info.txt in zip EPROM-HP54522AZIP 64K
 HP 54600Directory 
 HP 54601 Digital Storage OscilloscopeDirectory 
 HP 54602AB Firmware ROM images EPROM 54600-8000812-29ZIP 324K
 HP 547 Current TracerDirectory 
 HP 54810 serie frPDF 2.6M
 HP 58529A GPS Line Amplifier Datasheet-2000PDF 1.9M
 HP 58529A GPS Line Amplifier Datasheet-2011PDF 512K
 HP 58529A GPS Line Amplifier Information NotePDF 136K
 HP 58530A GPS L1 Bandpass Filter Information NotePDF 136K
 HP 58532A GPS L1 Reference Antenna DatasheetPDF 204K
 HP 58534A 58534A GPS Timing Antenna Installation and OperationPDF 1.1M
 HP 58534A GPS Timing Antenna DatasheetPDF 60K
 HP 58536A GPS L1 Active Splitter DatasheetPDF 280K
 HP 58834A GPS ReceiverDirectory 
 HP 59301ADirectory 
 HP 59306A 59306-90001PDF 2.0M
 HP 59308A-9A Training ManualPDF 5.2M
 HP 59309 Digital ClockDirectory 
 HP 59401 Bus System Analyzer-OperationPDF 15M
 HP 59501 Isolated DAC - Schematics OnlyPDF 1.7M
 HP 6012 Power SupplyDirectory 
 HP 6024A Variable Power Supply Service ManualPDF 2.8M
 HP 6030 6031 6032 6035Directory 
 HP 6034A - DC Power SupplyDirectory 
 HP 606Directory 
 HP 608 VHF Signal GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 6104A 6105A 6114A 6115A Precision Power Supply Service ManualPDF 6.9M
 HP 6129 SchematicGIF 80K
 HP 6131C-Short FormPDF 152K
 HP 6177B DC Power Supply Operation and Service ManualPDF 2.4M
 HP 618Directory 
 HP 620Directory 
 HP 6205 Series Dual DC PSUDirectory 
 HP 620B Operating and Service ManualPDF 6.3M
 HP 621x Power SuppliesDirectory 
 HP 6228B Dual 50V Power Supply Service ManualPDF 32M
 HP 623Directory 
 HP 6234A Dual Power SupplyDirectory 
 HP 6236 6237 Triple Output Power SupplyDirectory 
 HP 623B InstructionsDJVU 52K
 HP 6255 Power SupplyDirectory 
 HP 6259BDirectory 
 HP 6260BDirectory 
 HP 6261BDirectory 
 HP 6268BDirectory 
 HP 6269BDirectory 
 HP 6269B Technical ManualPDF 2.6M
 HP 6285A Operating and Service ManualPDF 15M
 HP 6286A Power Supply Operating Service ManualPDF 3.1M
 HP 6289A Power SupplyDirectory 
 HP 6296A Operating and Service ManualPDF 13M
 HP 6434B Operating and Service ManualPDF 5.7M
 HP 650Directory 
 HP 6960 Power SupplyDirectory 
 HP 7000A Display MainframeDirectory 
 HP 7045BDirectory 
 HP 70900A ROM IMAGES EPROM 80097-80104ZIP 260K
 HP 70900B Latest firmware for the 70900B plug in. Read the .txt file i EPROM B.06.04 961024-70952BRAR 1.3M
 HP 70900 Modular Measurement SystemDirectory 
 HP 70909A HP 70910A HP 70000 26.5GHz RF sections Service ManualPDF 2.1M
 HP 711A Operating and Service ManualPDF 4.8M
 HP 712B Operating and Service ManualPDF 8.7M
 HP 715A Klystron Power Supply SchematicGIF 416K
 HP 738Br Operating and Service ManualDJVU 1.2M
 HP 740B SchematicPDF 3.4M
 HP 7418A Technical ManualPDF 19M
 HP 745A Calibration ProcedurePDF 216K
 HP 7470 Graphic PlotterDirectory 
 HP 7475 Graphic PlotterDirectory 
 HP 75000 E1301A E1326B Users ManualPDF 8.8M
 HP 7702B Technical ManualPDF 7.3M
 HP 8010A Operating and Service ManualPDF 2.9M
 HP 8012 Pulse GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8013 Pulse GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8015A Pulse Generator Service ManualPDF 9.2M
 HP 8040Directory 
 HP 805A serie Calibration ProcedurePDF 68K
 HP 8112 50MHz Pulse GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8116 50MHz Pulse and Function GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8160Directory 
 HP 8165A Function GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8341A Microwave Synthetiser EPROM 05231985-HP8431AEPROM.7z  20K
 HP 8350 Sweeper Signal GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 83522A-1PDF 41M
 HP 83525Directory 
 HP 83540Directory 
 HP 83545Directory 
 HP 83570Directory 
 HP 83570A Installation ServicePDF 20M
 HP 83590Directory 
 HP 83592Directory 
 HP 83594Directory 
 HP 83595Directory 
 HP 83651B firmwareDirectory 
 HP 8410 Network AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 8412B Phase Magnitude DisplayPDF 6.1M
 HP 8414 Screen OverlaysDirectory 
 HP 8443A Operating and Service Manual Jun 70PDF 29M
 HP 8444A Opt-58 Sweep Generator Option for spectrum analyer Service ManualPDF 21M
 HP 8444A Tracking GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8445B Tracking GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8447 AmplifierDirectory 
 HP 8501Directory 
 HP 85020 85021Directory 
 HP 8510C Boot and time domain key PAL emulator EPROMZIP 2.2M
 HP 8510 Network AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 8516A firmware rev 1 00Directory 
 HP 8517B firmware rev A 02 00Directory 
 HP 851B Service and Operating ManualPDF 19M
 HP 8551Directory 
 HP 8552Directory 
 HP 8555A RF Section Plug-inDirectory 
 HP 8556Directory 
 HP 8558B 1500MHz Spectrum Analyzer Plug inDirectory 
 HP 8559Directory 
 HP 8560E error 337 and U119 GAL File VK3GJM(V1.0)ZIP 5.2M
 HP 8560 Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 8561 8563 Spectrum AnaluzerDirectory 
 HP 8562 Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 85630A Scalar Transmission Reflection Test Set Service ManualPDF 11M
 HP 8563 Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 85650Directory 
 HP 8565 Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 8566A Spectrum Analyzer Operating Service Vol.1PDF 12M
 HP 8566A Spectrum Analyzer Operator ManualPDF 23M
 HP 8566 8668 Spectrum Analyzer Service ManualPDF 4.4M
 HP 8566 Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 8567Directory 
 HP 8568 Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 8569 Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 8590 Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 8591 Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 8592 Microwave Spectrum AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 8593A Power SupplyPDF 8.7M
 HP 8595A Service ManualPDF 15M
 HP 859xE 859xE series SA firmware EPROMZIP 2.5M
 HP 8600A Digital Marker -Operating InstructionsPDF 632K
 HP 8601A Sweep GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8614Directory 
 HP 8616Directory 
 HP 8620 SweeperDirectory 
 HP 86260A Operation Service ManualPDF 3.0M
 HP 86290Directory 
 HP 8640B Signal Generator Service Manual-8640B sup 1PDF 59M
 HP 8640B casting replacement gearsPDF 304K
 HP 8640B opt 323 specsTXT 4.0K
 HP 8640B optionsTXT 4.0K
 HP 8640B repair high speed dividerPDF 88K
 HP 8640B repair hints and tricksPDF 952K
 HP 8640 Signal GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8642 Synthesized Signal GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8648 Signal Generator Service ManualPDF 12M
 HP 8654 Signal GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8656A Synthesized Signal GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8656B Signal GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8657A B Synthesized Signal GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8657B optionsTXT 4.0K
 HP 86601ADirectory 
 HP 86601A MIL Maintenance ManualPDF 25M
 HP 86602B MIL Maintenance ManuaPDF 3.9M
 HP 8660 Synthesized Signal GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8662A Synthesized Signal GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8663A Synthesized Signal GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8672A Synthesized Microwave Signal GeneratorDirectory 
 HP 8673B Microwave SynthesizerDirectory 
 HP 8690 Sweep OscillatorDirectory 
 HP 8691A 92A 93A 94ADirectory 
 HP 8698Directory 
 HP 8699B RF Unit Operating ManualPDF 2.5M
 HP 8707Directory 
 HP 8712ET 8714ET Manual frPDF 1.9M
 HP 871x Network AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 8720 AppNote Introduction to VNAPDF 28K
 HP 8743 S Parameters Test SetDirectory 
 HP 8745A S Parameters Test SetDirectory 
 HP 8750A Storage NormalizerDirectory 
 HP 8751A Maintenance ManualPDF 5.5M
 HP 8752A Vector Network AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 8753 Network AnalyzerDirectory 
 HP 8754AEXE 1.4M
 HP 8754A crt overlay scansPDF 544K
 HP 8757A Scalar network analyzer EPROM 2.1-08757-80051ZIP 104K
 HP 8808A Technical ManualPDF 732K
 HP 8900B Operating and Service ManualPDF 1.5M
 HP 8901Directory 
 HP 8903A Audio Analyzer-ServicePDF 21M
 HP 8970A Noise figure system pulloutPDF 1.5M
 HP 8970A high resolution pull-out cardsZIP 63M
 HP 8970 Noise Figure Test SetDirectory 
 HP 8971B firmware 2705Directory 
 HP 9134A Technical ManualPDF 216K
 HP 970ADirectory 
 HP AN170-1 8640B output level accuracyPDF 2.3M
 HP AN170-2 8640B 3rd order IMPDF 3.4M
 HP AN172 frequency countersPDF 7.2M
 HP AN200 frequency counters 1997PDF 192K
 HP AN301-1 Low Noise Division of 10 MHz OscillatorsPDF 2.5M
 HP Cross-ReferencePDF 22M
 HP Dymec-5842Directory 
 HP E3632A Service Guide - Old version with schematicsPDF 3.4M
 HP E3633A E3634A Service Guide - Old version with schematicsPDF 3.9M
 HP HP432B Power Meter Operator ManualPDF 372K
 HP K34-5991A Linear Phase ComparatorPDF 288K
 HP LAN GPIB GatewayDirectory 
 HP Rack Flanges and HandlesDirectory 
 HP Step Attenuator Parts ExplainedTXT 4.0K
 HP switch repairMP4 6.2M
 HP switch repairPDF 340K

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