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Manuals and Test Equipment Links

Test Equipment, Parts, Software and Accessories Links

John Miles, KE5FX - Home of the GPIB Toolkit
Prologix - Inexpensive quality GPIB Controllers
Sphere Research Corporation - Tek, HP and other hard to find parts and service to maintain your old test equipment gear.
Voskhod-KRLZ manufactures different radioelectronic products, including radio tubes, integrated and hybrid microcircuits, field-effect transistors, optoelectronic devices, laser emitters. (English translation: Google Translate)
Circuits Specialists Inc:
Global Test Supply:, Test Equipment, Electronic Production and Process Instruments
High quality ham radio shirts and t-shirts. Made by Hams for Hams. Made in the USA.

Test Equipment Tips

HP 8640 Maintenance and repair at VE7CA
TekWiki page

Ham Radio Manuals Links, ham radio and test equipment manuals
KO4BB's own Ham Links page
Lots of Yaesu manuals at NyTGB, the Watkins-Johnson Receiver page
AC6V manuals

Test Equipment Manuals Links

KO4BB Tested Free Manual Sources

BAMA Mirror -
Agilent Manuals, including links to obsolete HP manuals
Index of Shannon Hill's manual pages time-related manuals and project
The Vintage Hewlett Packard Archive
Kurt's Tektronix wiki (very complete)
Kurt's Manuals, also very extensive list of good quality HP/Agilent manuals
BlueFeatherTech Index of
EB5AGV Technical Manuals CD-ROM Compilation, an interesting site with manuals and pictures of much Tek and HP equipment.

Recommended, Reasonably Priced Quality Manuals, paper or pdf

Artek Manuals, Dave Henderson
QService, Technical Manuals, Tech Manuals, Reprints, Fluke, Textronix, Hewlett Packard, Agilent, HP
Consolidated Surplus, New-Used Electronic Test Equipment Manuals
W7FG Vintage Manuals Catalog

Other Manual sources manual repository
Tim's Laptop manuals page
ON4JLN's manuals page
KB2LJJ's Radio Mods and Manuals
Radio Shack older products manuals
XE1BEF, Kenwood Manuals
AWH: Scanner Owner's Manuals: Uniden Bearcat, Motorola, Radio Shack Realistic, Regency - Factory Service Manuals - Scanner Manuals - Ham Radio Manuals
MJS Electronics - Test Instrument Info, Index of /pdf/Tektronix
EService Info - Service Manual free download,schematics,datasheets,eeprom bins,pcb,repair info for test equipment and electronics
Hewlett-Packard Journal - Technical information from the laboratories of Hewlett-Packard Company - David DiGiacomo's Test Equipment and Electronics Information
John Day Manual repository
Manual Server,Automotive manuals, Car repair manuals, Aircraft electronics diagrams
Mauritron Technical Services (Service Manual Suppliers to the electronics repair trade) - Index of /pub/hamradio/schemes
ICOM Worldwide Communication Web (Japanese site) - Manuals
HP Memory Project
Electronics and Books, Manuals and Instruments for sale