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Upload Instructions

There are two ways to upload files. You can upload one file at a time using the applet from the manuals page or use FTP.

Upload applet

The Upload applet is the prefered method (for me) because it makes my job easier to manage the manuals, and it creates an entry in the upload log automatically. While your identity (and email) are not displayed in the clear, it is easy for you to recognize your own uploads and it makes it possible for me to contact you if necessary (you will not get spam from me).

The login and password for the applet are both "manuals" (without the quotes.)

When uploading a file, your file will show up in the Recent Upload directory, but it won't be available for download from there. This is normal. I prefer to be able to check the manuals for corruption and to make sure they are what they purport to be before placing them in the general area.

There is no built-in file size limit, I have uploaded a 68MB manual this way for testing.

If you have multiple manuals to upload, you can  zip them into a single file and use the applet but the FTP method may be easier for you.


If you have a large number of files to upload, the ftp method is recommended.

Use your preferred ftp client or Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer under Windows, go to and log with login and password both set to "manualuploads".

The files will also show up in the "Recent Uploads" directory but not in the Upload log. It will make it impractical for me to find out who uploaded what and I will not be able to contact you if there is a problem with your files.

Formatting file names when using ftp

If you have many files to upload, ftp will be considerably easier for you but represents much more work for me because I like the files named a certain way so that they can be organized and found. If you use the ftp method, I would appreciate it if you could name your files like I do:

<Manufacturer>_<Model number>_<Type of equipment>_<Type of manual>_<any other pertinemt info>.pdf

Please use underscores "_" instead of spaces and avoid special characters like ( ) { } @ + & = / \ ' " * and punctuation.

If the manual(s) you are uploading refer(s) to multiple instruments, it is better to list all the instruments rather than use wildcards because wildcards do not work very well with search.




You can look up the Upload applet to see examples of manufacturers names and manuals types.

Thank you!

Important Note:

File that are uploaded are initially stored in the Recent Upload folder until I have a chance to check them and move them to their final location. This check can take a few days so if you want someone to be able to download the file immediately after you have uploaded it, tell them to use ftp in the browser. While you cannot upload via FTP through Chrome and most browsers (Internet Explorer being the exception), it is easy to download through any browser. Simply enter in the address bar of your browser and the files will be immediately available.