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KO4BB's Web Site Statistics

October 2007, September 2014

Here are some statistics on my web site.

In 2007, I had the T01 "Terabyte" package from Globat (www.globat.com), with 25 GB storage and 300 GB/month transfer capacity. As of October 2007, I used about 9 GB for storage and 230GB/month of bandwidth and I had about 300,000 page views/month.

As of September 2014, I had an "unlimited" package from 1and1. Detailled statistics below can be summarized as follows: over 2TB/month transfer, a million page views and 50,000 visitors/month. over 65GB of storage just for manuals (120GB in total). Quite a bit of growth...

Here is a snapshot of the traffic at www.ko4bb.com since January 2007:

And here is the traffic as of September 2014:

Overall, the Manuals are by far the main attraction, with about 90% of the visits (evenly split between Test Equipment and Ham Radio). The Tower page is a distant second.
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