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  • Copying for publishing on another web or ftp site is allowed for material originally published on that you may have downloaded for personal use, and which may later become unavailable because the domain disappears or changes ownership, or the material is removed from this web site. I personally believe that while copyright laws are generally a good thing, the laws have been excessively modified to benefit the entertainment industry, resulting in rendering unlawful many legitimate and previously allowable uses of copyrighted material. I do not want the copyright laws to get in the way of the legitimate public interest in material I have generated. Of course, as long as is owned by me, and the material is available from this site, you should refrain from publishing it on another web site or publicly accessible server, other than under circumstances covered in this document.


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Even though I do not often revamp the structure of my web site, it does happen on occasion. Therefore, rather than providing direct links to pages deep into the web site, I recommend linking to the main page with human readable instructions for how to get to the proper page, so that your links would still work if I change the organization of this web site. For example, instead of linking to, link to and instruct to look for the Manuals page.

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