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 +===== Configure K-9 mail for Cox pop mail =====
 +These are the steps I had to use to configure K-9 mail for my Droid Razr (Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich)
 +  - From the Home screen, tap the K-9 Mail button.
 +     * If you have not previously created this account, tap the Menu button and select Add Account.
 +     * If you have setup this account previously on your phone, tap it, press the Menu button, then More, Settings and finally Account Settings
 +     * Enter your full Cox.net email Address and Password and tap Manual Setup.
 +  - From the Setup menu, tap Fetching Mail, and at the bottom tap Incoming Server
 +  - Enter the following Incoming Mail Server information in the spaces provided:
 +      * Username - Enter your email username (do not enter "​@cox.net"​)
 +      * Password - Enter your email account password.
 +      * POP server - Enter pop.east.cox.net ​ (on the West coast, you may have to enter pop.west.cox.net)
 +      * Security: SSL (Always)
 +      * Authentication:​ PLAIN
 +      * Port - Enter 995
 +  - Tap Next. If the screen returns to the Fetching Mail menu, the incoming server settings were correct.
 +  - Click the Back key and tap Sending Mail.
 +  - Scroll to the bottom and tap Outgoing Server
 +  - Enter the following Outgoing Mail Server information in the spaces provided.
 +      * SMTP server - Enter smtp.east.cox.net (on the West coast, you may have to enter smtp.west.cox.net)
 +      * Security: SSL (Always)
 +      * Port: 465
 +      * Require sign-in: checked
 +      * Authentication:​ AUTOMATIC
 +      * Username: your Cox mail user name (without "​@cox.net"​)
 +      * Password: your Cox password
 +  - Tap Next. If you are returned to the Sending Mail menu, the configuration was good.
 +  - Tap the Back button until you are returned to the Account page.
 +  - Notes: ​
 +    * depending on where you are, you may have to turn WiFi off. Some ISPs block pop mail to servers outside the ISP's domain and I have not found a way around that.
 +    * The resulting problem is that it appears to me that fetching mail over 3G or 4G uses much more battery than WiFi. 3G is definitely better than 4G from a battery life standpoint.
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