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This Wiki is a user-editable set of pages intended to provide information about Ham Radio, Precision Timing, Test Equipment and related topics.
Feel free to add information and/or create new pages. If you are not familiar with Wikis, you can play in the Sandbox.
The editor has convenient buttons for the most common formatting, but the Syntax page has the whole thing!
Please check the Style Guide before making edits or creating new pages, thank you!
Didier KO4BB


As a result of persistent abuse, the Wiki now requires registration, which is handled manually.
To register, send me an email and I will get back to you with your login information.

Ham Radio

Precision Timing

Test and Measurement Equipment

Micro Controllers


Android stuff

Blackberry stuff

Bluetooth stuff

Yamaha FZ1 stuff

Nissan Altima stuff

Technologic System's TS-7553 Embedded ARM SBC

BeagleBone Black ARM SBC

Random Bits of Wisdom



This wiki uses a Wiki engine known as DokuWiki http://www.dokuwiki.org/dokuwiki. There are many other Wiki engines available, one of the better known is the Wikimedia engine http://www.wikimedia.org/ powering WikiPedia http://www.wikipedia.org.

I selected DokuWiki because it is full featured and looks good out of the box, but also it is completely self contained. It only requires PHP and most importantly it does not require MySQL. I have used two ISPs for my web hosting, and both have had problems with their MySQL implementation, so I have given up on it for now.

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