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Replacing Leaf Springs On HP Equipment

This posting appeared on the [hp_agilent_equipment] mailing on Yahoo groups.

After hunting around for suitable material to replace corroded, tired or missing leaf springs for the switches in some of my HP test equipment, I happened upon a source I already possessed. Those little EAS or AM antitheft labels you find inside DVDs, consumer electronics, or other high-value items you pick up at Target or Walmart. These are the stick- on, rectangular tags which are about 1.75“L by .4”W. They seem to have three strips of metal: two thin pieces of no use, and one piece of about .002“ thickness. This is the same thickness as the original springs, and there's enough in each strip to make at least two new springs.

The modulus of the material seems similar to the original springs, and the newly-sprung buttons feel just like the originals.

Thought someone else might find this discovery useful!

Bob Berg

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