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HP 859x CPU Conversion

David Franklin dfranklyn@mindspring.com wrote:

I have an 8592B that I am trying to get going. It was working fine when the display became scrambled. I sent it to Agilent for repair and they returned it to me with the following: “Display video is scrambled and unstable”. “Problem is caused by A16 processor and is no longer available. Return unrepaired”.

I found what information that I could on the web and purchased a CLIP covering the processor card on eBay. I performed a reset to “Default Cal Data”. The display came normal except there is no signal coming through or peak for the 0 frequency on the display. Performing a Cal returns “Cal Signal Not Found” and a “SRQ 110” (hardware Failed). Tracing a signal through the RF section stops at the RF switch. Bypassing the switch and injecting a signal into the mixer gives no IF output. Injecting IF into the 3rd converter gives a deflection on the CRT so it looks like the IF section may be OK.

Upon power-on the display indicates Rev 17.12.90 which matches the EPROM's. However, a “Show Options” displays “8594A” and a serial # that does not match my unit. Also the Mode Menu options are missing all of the 8592B selections.

Since the front ends on the 8592 and 8594 are different, is it possible that my problem is in my firmware? Does the information shown on Show Options come from the EPROM's or the processor card? If the firmware is wrong what can I do to solve the problem?

Thanks, Dave Franklin

When you install a new CPU board you have to tell the processor what analyzer youre installing it in, your unit “thinks” its a 8594A and thats excactly why youre not getting a signal on your screen, basically the 8594A represents the lowband of the 8592A or B , the 8594 doesnt have RF Switches neither does it have a preselector so restoring the config should help, there is a service note on this somewhere i just need to find it, i will post a link if i do.

ok try this procedure:

  • FACTSET11023,X;
  • HOLD
  • CAL More 1 of 4 more 2 of 4
  • Execute Title
  • MORE 1 OF 3

Instead of the X you have to enter a number from 1 to 6, this number specifies the model, im not sure which number represents the 8592B so you will have to try !

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