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Windows 7 Tips

Taking screen shots while drop down menus are displayed

The normal way to take screen shots (by pressing Shift or Alt then Print Screen) turns off the menu, so it is difficult to take screen shots showing the menu such as you may need to when creating instructions.

The easy way is to press Ctrl first then press Print Screen. This will capture the entire screen, instead of just the active window, but it's easy enough to open it in Paint and crop what you need.

God Mode: Creating shortcuts to useful system applets

I have a set of Bluetoth headphones and just figured out how to get music out of them. I found Audio Devices and
simply have to switch from speakers to headphones. All well and good, but since I often switch back
and forth between the two, I'd like to know if, instead of having to do several mouse clicks to get to the Audio
Device manager, is there a way to create a shortcut for my desktop or pin it to my task bar? I know
how to create a shortcut using thew right click and send to. But I have no idea where the Audio Device Manager is
located in Windows so I can go to the folder and create a shortcut. Does anyone know? Thanks.

This is a slightly round about way to achieve the sort of thing that you want.

Create a new folder on your desktop and rename it:


Open it, go to Sounds/Manage Audio Devices. Right click, create shortcut. The shortcut to MAD should appear on your desktop. This won't work from Control Panel


Removing Windows 7 dual boot menu option

If you are asked, every time you boot in Windows 7, which version of Windows you want to load, even though you have long ago deleted all traces of that old Win XP setup, select Start, right-click Computer, and select Properties. Click Advanced system settings. On the Advanced tab, under “Startup and Recovery,” click the Settings button. Make sure the “Default operating system” setting is at Windows 7. Then uncheck “Time to display list of operating systems”.

You've now got a Windows 7–and only Windows 7-machine.

Speeding up access to the Download folder under Windows 10

Every other folder in File Explorer opens virtually immediately to show all contents but why does the Download folder take quite some time, the first time the folder is accessed?

Try removing the 'global' downloads folder from “Quick access” and replace it with a link that points at your Downloads folder.

C:\Users\<user>\Downloads versus “This PC > Downloads”

It's essentially the same folder, but there seems to be a lag - indexing is scanning the 'global' downloads folder every time. You might try adding the 'global' downloads folder to the index - simple way → create a new Library called Downloads and add your Downloads folder to the new Library

Restore the "Open Command window here" in the right-click context menu

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