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Sampling explained to the lay-person

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 6:58 PM, George unclegeorgessurplus@yahoo.com wrote:

Greetings to the group,
I need to know from all who know what Sampling is all about and make
the answer simple enough for a 10-14 year old to understand.

I was just given a Sampling plugin for the 5XX series scopes along
with several others, that is also missing the nuvister and some of the
transistors as well, and that is another issue I could use some
assitance with?
Thanks in advance to all who respond.

Suppose there is a restaurant where they have a weekly menu, that is each monday they serve the same dish, each tuesday the same, and so on, every week the same. You want to try all seven different dishes, so you could go there every day for one week and get a taste of all seven. But there's a problem, you don't have enough money to go there every day, at best you can manage every 10th day.

Not a problem, you start on a Monday for your first sample. 10 days after is a Thursday, and 10 days after that a Sunday, and then a Wednesday, and so on. After 70 days you have managed to try every dish of the week, without going there so frequently that people suspect you are more interested in the waitress than the meals.

But there's a catch, the cook was ill on one day when you didn't go. His stand-in, apparently an italian chap they say, didn't like to cook what the menu said and decided to change it last minute. The other guests tell you it was the best meal they ever had at this restaurant, and you MISSED it! That's the problem with sampling.

Obviously you can spot the other problem with sampling, for example try going there every 14 days instead of 10 and see how you like that….

For a slightly more technical description, click here and scroll to the bottom:


That would have to be the version for a pretty stupid 10 year old, but you asked for it!


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