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Safe EMail For Kids

Just thought this might be helpful to some people here. This is how I set up my daughters email account so it's internet safe (and free).

I signed up for a gmail account. here is how to make it safe:

First, add people to your child's contact list and in the quick Contacts list you can run your mouse over the name and it gives an option to “change picture” I have pictures of her friends in there so she is sure she is emailing the right person.

then do settings –> filters –> create new filter
in there fill in these blanks:

to: your childs email address

Doesn't have: list peoples email addresses that you allow them to get email from UNMONITORED (here I have my dd's grandparents, myself, and a couple of kids that she is best friends with.) put OR between them so it looks like this : grandma@grandma.com OR mommy@mommy.com OR bstfriend@bestfriend.com OR bestfriend2@bestfriend.com

Then go to “next step”:

check all these:

Skip the Inbox (Archive it)
Forward it to: youremail@youremail.com
Delete it

Then click “Create Filter”

This will send YOU all the email that is not approved. You child will never get a Viagra ad or an email from a stranger. Their spam folder will always remain empty. If you get something that you want them to see you can forward it to them from you instead if it showing from the original sender. You can always add more approved people later.


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