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Refilling Lexmark Cartridges

The cartridge are fast and easy to refill:

  • Peal the label on the top,
  • Use a picture hanging screw to punch a hole in the indents, use a small drill if you like,
  • The top hole is for red ink,
  • The lower left hole is for yellow ink,
  • And the lower right hole is for blue ink.

A typical refill takes about 6 -7 cc of ink (each color). I use 5 cc syringes and needles.

Lexmark bulk ink is very cheap and full quality from many sellers on the internet.

The cartridges last a long time if you refill them just before they got dry. If a cartridge is dry for too long after running empty in the printer, some of the jet circuitry might burn. like all major brand ink jet cartridges, the ink is part of the cooling system for the cartridge jets and circuitry. It's not unusual for me to get several years out of Lexmark and HP cartridges.

Many Walgreen's stores have refill stations while you wait service too. They charge $15 for color and $10 for black. If you print a lot, this can save you a lot of bucks. After you refill a time or two, especially with the lexmark 24 cartridge, (it is quick and easy), you will just have to find your own best technique. I did my first #24 refill in under 10 minutes with no mess and only two paper towels used.

Just food for thought, if you are interested in that sort of thing – I have always considered refilling a quest to beat the give-away printer prices assuming you will dump a fortune into replacing cartridges.

Hope this is useful to you

Good luck


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