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TDS210 Dead Backlight

I just acquired a TDS224 4 Channel 100MHz DSO that other than the
backlight being dead is otherwise perfect.

Does anyone have any details about the dimensions of the CCFL tube
used in these scopes before I tear into it?

Also has anyone had any success opening the instrument without
destroying the labels that you normally have to destroy?

Deane any parts?

Thanks to all,


The most common fault with dead backlights on TDS200 was/is not the tube but a shorted cap in the high voltage supply to the tube.

Often it also took other components with it. On the power supply board, check Q2, Q3 and C24 close to the AC input.

What labels would that be ? To open the scope use a screwdriver, with the handle folded down, insert it between the handle and cover and carefully twist it so the handle comes out of cover (on both sides).

When done unscrew the two torx screws that were behind the handle.

With the scope up side down pull the stand and the cover will come off.


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