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Restore EEPROM of HP 8753

Conrad G0RUZ conrad@g0ruz.com wrote:


Our trusty HP8753B/85047A combination which has Option 006 installed now refuses to work at all above 3 GHz. The frequency doubler option just does not appear in the menu any more. Agilent have said that they cannot repair it due to an obsolete memory module/loss of image. I am sure that this is a common problem on these old work horses, can any one advise how to get the necessary part/s and how to re-program any corrupt memory. Sorry the fault description is a bit vague, Agilent don't appear to be able to of any help at all.


Conrad G0RUZ


First off you will have to establish if the problem is with the 8753 or the 85047A, if you power the 8753 on you will see the FW revision and installed options on the screen, check if option 006 is there, you can also pull this by a softkey but I dont remember where its at.

If option 006 doesnt appear you have most likely a bad or partially corrupted EEPROM, if your unit is otherwise functional and within spec than you can expect for the EEPROM only to be partially corrupted.


Open the 8753 and pull the processor card, you will find a EEPROM on there, its either a 2816 or 2864 depending on the vintage, remove the EEPROM and read out its contents on a programmer, look and find the Serial# in the comment box, the Option configuration is set in the first three places before the serial# you have to enter the appropriate HEX value 3 times

Here is the list:

  • F1 = 010
  • F2 = 006
  • F3 = 006+010
  • F4 = 002
  • F5 = 002+010
  • F7 = 010/002/006

So it would look like that:

F1 F1 F1 50 53 54 55 …… and so on. this would be a option 010 unit with serial# 3345

Good luck


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