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Differences between Oncore M12 and M12+T (useful when buying online)

From the [time-nuts] mailing list

In case anyone else is shopping online for a used Motorola Oncore M12+T timing GPS, it's probably useful to know what I just learned:

Some online sellers offering “M12+T 100 pps GPS” may instead send you a M12 Navigation (non-timing) GPS. The differences:

Motorola Oncore M12 Navigation GPS:

  • Supports Motorola Binary and NMEA output
  • does not have 100 Hz output
  • does not have TRAIM (Timing Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitor)
  • does not have sawtooth correction output
  • 1 PPS <500 ns timing

Crystal nearest MMCX antenna connector is two-lead can style with bent leads for surface mounting
example p/n label: P183T12N12 (final “N” = “Navigation”?)


Motorola Oncore M12+T Timing GPS:

  • Supports Motorola Binary output only
  • 1 Hz or 100 Hz output selectable
  • TRAIM (Timing Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitor)
  • sawtooth correction (“clock granularity”) message available
  • 1 pps <2nS 1 Sigma, <6nS 6 Sigma (using sawtooth correction message)
  • 1 pps <10nS 1 Sigma, <20nS 6 Sigma (without correction)

Smaller leadless surface-mount crystals
example p/n label: P283T12T17 (final “T” = “Timing”?)


John Beale

Just for reference, these are the variant numbers I have for the M12+…

  • Timer ———-No Battery —– P273T12T1x
  • Timer ——— With Battery – P283T12T1x
  • Navigation – No Battery —– P273T12N1x
  • Navigation – With Battery – P283T12N1x



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