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KO4BB Wiki Style Guide

All pages here are editable by anyone, so this suggests that some basic style conventions are useful.

Please use italics (refered to as “emphasized” in the html literature) to introduce the main topic at the top of each page.

In case of formatting question, check the complete reference to this Wiki's formatting in the Syntax page.

Tips and hints

  • Use a clear but informal voice.
  • Expect and encourage others to elaborate or complete your writing. (This is easiest if you write in third person.)
  • Notes and comments need not be in chronological order on the page – add them where they seem to fit best, possibly set apart or as separate page with a link inserted in the original text.
  • First person accounts are suitable when reporting experience not easily reduced to facts or advice, e.g. anecdotal, personal opinion or added comments. Sign these. Such can often form dialogue threads.
  • One useful wiki-convention when “commenting” is creating Wiki links in someone's text to create “open internal links” ([[enclose text between two sets of square brackets]]) when you feel some further clarification or explanation is needed – You can in fact do this in your own text to invite comment or elaboration from others, or as a placeholder or a reminder to yourself about something you intend to complete later. A later reader will then (hopefully) be prompted to provide this content. This can be as a new page, or by again editing and adding to the original text (possibly removing the open link).
  • Horizontal rules can be used to set apart different voices, subtopics or context breaks. (The end-of-page rule is automatically added by the server.) Use this page as an example.


  • Try to make it clear when you state an opinion as opposed to a fact. When stating facts, it is best to include a reference. That's what links are for.
  • It is not only perfectly proper but also encouraged to sign a page you created, or to initial a significant edit you made on a page created by someone else.
  • It is also encouraged to create your own signature page on this Wiki, and include a link from the pages you create by making your signature a link (see at the bottom of this page)


  • This Wiki does not automatically create a title for your page, so don't forget to create one, using a H1 heading.
  • Use italics (also called “emphasis”) to introduce the topic of a page under the title, and use a horizontal rule to separate the header from the text proper.
  • A Table of Content is created automatically when you use headings H1, H2 and H3. Use it to your advantage.


  • It can be useful to later summarize main points at top of page when several people have posted a lot of material. A page can be re-edited or broken up into several pages of the (dialogue) threads seem to become to convoluted. A self-styled WikiMaster may also summarize the main points of a page to provide a fresh start.
  • Edit pages to emphasize the flow of ideas, not the chronology of contribution. Complete rewrites that condense the essentials of many different contributions are one of the characteristics of wiki life.
  • Finally, don't say things designed to make others mad. Practice civility and understatement. You will reach ten times as many readers even if you miss the ones you want to zing.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you contribute soon!

Didier Juges

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