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Tube Manufacturing Codes


It was commonly known that tubes were made by one manufacturer and sold by another.

In order to identify which company ACTUALLY made the tube, the ACTUAL manufacturer's EIA code number would be stamped somewhere on the tube. Manufacturers would commonly make tubes for other companies.

If Eimac really made the tube, the code # 162 should appear on the tube somewhere.

As I recall, Machlett and GE appeared to make most of the 2C39/7289 family, so I would not be surprised to see Eimac tubes that were really made by Machlett or GE.

Do you see one of the following numbers stamped on your 7289s ?

Just for your information (FYI).


Jerry W7QX

    Tubes and CRT's EIA code 
    Amperex (USA)  111 
    Bendix 125 
    DuMont 158 
    Eimac (Eitel-McCullough, Inc) 162 
    Electronic Tube Corp 169 
    General Electric Co (USA) 188 
    Hytron (CBS-Hytron) 210 
    Machlett 231 
    RCA (Radio Corp of America) 274 
    Raytheon 280 
    Superior Tube Co 310 
    Sylvania (Hygrade Sylvania Corp) 312 
    Tung-Sol 322 
    United Electronics 323 
    Western Electric 336 
    Westinghouse 337 
    Zenith Radio Corp (CRT's) 343 
    Nortn American Philips Corp 423 
    Taylor (aka Cetron-Taylor) 713 
    Lewis & Kaufman 738 
    National Electronics (also Cetron) 749 
    Penta Laboratories 771 
    Vacuum Tube Products 781 
    Varian Associates 809 
    Litton Industries 879 
    Electrons, Inc 935 
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