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Converting a Datum TS2100 timing unit to GPS

I have recently acquired a Datum TS2100-IRIG NTP time server. Nice

unit, and I do have IRIG-B to feed it, however, reading the manual I

notice that there is a GPS version as well. Upon taking the top of

the unit off I notice that there are the connector and standoffs for

both Oncore and Trimble ACE-III sized receivers. Tried plugging both

in, but the unit does not seem to recognize it (always reports GPS

receiver busy).



I've successfully converted my TS2100 IRIG to a GPS model along with several other people. As far as I know, the Oncore module was never used (maybe a planned future upgrade), but the ACE-III modules work just fine.

The trick is you need to make a temporary interface with your ACE-III and set PORT1 to 9600 8O1 TSIP in, TSIP out. The receiver is probably set to 8N1 right now which is why it's not working. I dug through my old emails and this bit of information might also be useful:

TSIPMonitor32 seemed to always (re)set the receiver to 9600-8N1. My workaround was to use the Acutime TR_Monitor (set to the pallisade receiver) to set the baud rate, then run TSIP chat and save the seeprom settings there.

You should be able to find all those programs on the Trimble FTP server. No need to mess with any jumpers or eeproms… Just be sure to flash your firmware to the latest version (which is a couple years old at least I think).

As for the Rubidium upgrade, that's another can of worms. Unfortunately nobody on the list has the LPRO model (or is admitting it), so there's no way to know exactly how the wiring hooks up or if a second power supply is needed, if the stock oscillator needs to be removed or not, also I'm sure the loop and gain settings would need to be changed which one would need to know.

Oh, incase you were wondering, the screws that hold down the GPS module are 2-56 x 1/4“… Tiny little suckers…

Hope this helps,

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