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FTS 2000A OCXO pinouts

Mark Sims Fri, 20 Jun 2008 17:35:30 -0700

Here are the pinouts of the FTS 2000A OCXO jumper board in my 4060M/S24 cesium beam unit. This board makes the 2000A look like a Datum 1000 OCXO. Datum 1000 pinouts and definitions are from Brooke Clark's PRC68.COM web site. The FTS-2000A coax connects to an SMB connector.

FTS 2000A

10pin+coax DB9 Function
1,2 8 +26V power
3 2 EFC
4 1 Electronics GND
5 N/C N/C
7 5 Oven GND
8 1 Electronics GND
9 6 Oven monitor
10 3 Coarse tune in (+15V pwr)
N/C 4 +12V ref (coarse tune hot)
N/C 7 +24V oven power


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