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Setting up FTDI drivers for Stellaris board

It seems the FTDI drivers are a real pain to install. The Micromint Eagle50E board uses the Luminary Micro driver for programming and debugging the board via USB.

Every time I install the tools on a new computer, I have problems usually ending with a dll not properly installed (armlmiftdi.dll).

Here is what I did the last time:

After installing the tools and plugging the board in the computer, two new incomplete entries were created in Device Manager, under Universal Serial Bus Controllers:

Both entries were named “Stellaris Evaluation Board” and neither had a driver installed (yellow icon in front of the entry).

Right-click on the first entry, select “Update driver software”, select “Browse my computer for driver software” and point it to C:\Program Files

It will look for a while and finally install the driver. The entry is renamed “Stellaris Evaluation Board A”.

Do the same thing with the second entry, which will be renamed “Stellaris Evaluation Board B”.

Then a new incomplete entry will show up in Ports: Stellaris Virtual COM Port with the yellow icon. Do the same thing and you should be done.

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