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Pairing your Blackberry with a Windows 7 computer

My Blackberry showed two yellow entries in Device Manager after pairing. Instructions on this page on CrackBerry.com fixed it:


BLUETOOTH Driver Fix Windows 7 64-bit and Blackberry DTM

Many (including me) were stumped by the appearance of two bluetooth devices missing drivers in Windows 7 64-bit build 7100 following the installation of Blackberry Desktop Manager Software version 4.6 or higher.

These exclamation ! marked bluetooth peripheral devices are merely two more ports that Windows 7 can't find the drivers for (there should be FOUR total after you follow my suggestions).

Lucky for YOU, these port drivers are already present on your system (assuming you installed RIM Blackberry Desktop Manager software 4.6 or higher).

The 'trick' is to manually load the extra two PORTS by choosing from a list of drivers.

Find the 2 problem drivers-missing entries in your Bluetooth devices list, right click on the first one, choose UPDATE DRIVER SOFTWARE. Then choose Browse My Computer, then Let Me Pick From a List of Device Drivers. Scroll down till you see PORTS, then choose Rim Virtual Serial Port v2 and click Apply.

You'll get a warning message from windows 7, ignore this choose OK or apply and load the driver. It will report the device is set up correctly.

REPEAT this process 1 more time for the 2nd problem child bluetooth device that is missing the driver.

Then pair up your Blackberry with your laptop. Don't forget to REMOVE your laptop or PC from the blackberry list of paired bluetooth devices and then pair it all over again now that you've fixed the drivers on the pc/laptop side of things in Windows 7 by adding those two ports that were missing (assuming you're upgrading to Windows 7 and having problems where you can't sync with Outlook and your Blackberry using BLUETOOTH.

Once you've paired your Blackberry successfully, you'll need to configure Bluetooth in your connections options in Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.6 or higher.

You can then forget about plugging in the USB micro-cable and happily SYNC it with your bluetooth

Worked like a charm for me 7/8/2009.

* Important: Windows 7 now includes the ability to fully back up your entire machine to an external device like a Western Digital MyBook. In addition you can create a recovery boot cd with Windows 7. In the event of total meltdown, those who do backups before tweaking their system can revert to the known good system image and are joyful! Advice given is without warranty and end user assumes all risks of use thereof. No copyright is given or inferred to others. Author retains rights to this post. *

CREDIT for this solution is given to AT&T Laptop Support - Level 2 (United States). I never would have found this and prowled the web like crazy to no avail. AT&T Laptop Support is normally $2 a minute but I was able to be transferred to them from the level 1 support “Internally”. Nice going AT&T.

CrackBerry Newbie
Device Model: 8800
Carrier: AT&T/Cingular

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