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 +My company bought a bunch of Dell optiplex desktops with Realtek HD Integrated Sound a year ago and they'​ve all got the Stereo Mix disabled. I did some searching on Google for a solution and found what you need to do.
 +  - Download the SoundMax driver from Dell's website and extract it somewhere. Then open up ADIHDAUD.INF located in SMAXWDM folder in the driver folder.
 +  - Find the line HKR,​AD1984\\Disable,​ OutR, 1, 01 ;; Disable Stereo Mix Capture Node
 +  - Change the "​01"​ to 00 and save it
 +  - Run "​setup"​ and select "​uninstall"​ existing driver - reboot
 +  - Run "​setup"​ and select "​install"​ new driver - ignore the Windows XP auto install setting and ignore the "non certified"​ driver warning - reboot
 +  - Go to start menu > run > type: "​regedit"​ [enter] (without quotes)
 +  - Click on "edit > search"​ and look for AD1984.
 +  - For each registry key/folder of AD1984, find the subfolder/​key that says MicBP and OutR and change their associated binary values from 01 to 00. For some people, re-installing the driver in this fashion already produces a 00 while for others, the change must be made manually.
 +  - Reboot
 +That should allow you to use Stereo Mix like normal. ​
 +I have a HP Pavilion DV 9000t (Vista). ​ I had to manually re-enable mine as follows: ​
 +  - Right click Sound icon, 
 +  - Go to recording Devices,  ​
 +  - Right click the blank area, 
 +  - Select "show disabled devices", ​
 +  - Right click on "​WaveOut Mix" and select Enable.  ​
 +There you go.
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