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 +====== Mouse Interference with Serial Port ======
 +//From the [[Precision_Timing:​Time Nuts Mailing List]]:
 +> I am running XP Pro with a USB laser mouse and a USB to serial adapter ​
 +> to the T'​Bolt.
 +> The USB to serial adapter drivers are on hand and they loaded nicely, ​
 +> with the computer setting the USB port to COM10.
 +> To date I still have a conflict with the mouse.
 +> The symptoms include: erratic mouse cursor that stabilizes (corrects) ​
 +> after I disconnect the USB port to the T'​Bolt.
 +The OS thinks the serial data coming from the TBolt is actually coming from a serial mouse. Therefore, the messages from the TBolt are interpreted as mouse movements.
 +Typically, if you wait until the OS has completed booting before plugging the GPS receiver in the serial port, you will not have this problem.
 +It is not a driver problem or an interrupt conflict, it is just Microsoft trying to be helpful. Like many "​helpful"​ features in Microsoft operating systems, this one is extremely frustrating and hard to eliminate.
 +If your adapter uses one of the popular FT232 chips from FTDI, then your "​mouse"​ will be rediscovered from time to time, thanks for the "​Serial Enumerator"​
 +feature present in the driver (see http://​www.ftdichip.com/​Documents/​AppNotes/​AN_107_AdvancedDriverOptions_AN_000073.pdf).
 +To disable this incredibly frustrating function, open the windows device manager and remove the serial mouse. Then open the properties of the serial COM port.
 +On the tab "Port Settings"​ click "​Advanced"​ and in that window uncheck the box next to "​Serial Enumerator"​.
 +You'll have to repeat this whenever your USB-to-serial adapter is re-discovered,​ for example when you've moved it to a different USB port on your machine.
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