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 +====== Phase/​Frequency Measurement Methods ======
 +//There was a thread about the Tight PLL method on the Time-Nuts mailing list. One useful outcome was this post by Tom Van Baak:
 +Here are a couple of really good articles that describe many methods of phase/​frequency measurement,​ including TPLL.\\
 +You'll see some nice "​advantage/​disadvantage"​ lists in several of these documents, which is why I'm posting the links.
 +Warren & Bruce, please look at the first five documents at least.
 +John too. Lots of TPLL info. This is all worth reading. I don't know why I didn't find some of these papers six months ago.
 +System Phase Noise Calculation and Measurement Techniques\\ ​
 +-- short article, nice summary.
 +PN9000 Automated Phase Noise Measurement System Application Note #1\\ 
 +-- see section 2; TPLL is section 2.2.
 +Oscillator Phase Noise Measurements using the Phase Lock Method\\ ​
 +-- TPLL, equations, graphs, error analysis, photos, schematics, parts list.
 +An investigation into the phase noise of quartz crystal oscillators\\ ​
 +-- see chapter 4 or at least section 4.3; TPLL is
 +PN9000 Automated Phase Noise Measurement System Application Note #2\\ 
 +-- theory of operation, TPLL
 +A General Theory of Phase Noise in Electrical Oscillators\\ ​
 +-- too deep for me.
 +Phase Noise Measurement. Using the Phase Lock Technique\\ ​
 +-- might be applicable.
 +Correlation-based phase noise measurements\\ ​
 +-- for John Miles
 +Practical Problems Involving Phase Noise Measurements\\ ​
 +--  also for John.
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