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 You've now got a Windows 7--and only Windows 7-machine. You've now got a Windows 7--and only Windows 7-machine.
 +=== Speeding up access to the Download folder under Windows 10 ===
 +// Every other folder in File Explorer opens virtually immediately to show all contents but why does the Download folder take quite some time, the first time the folder is accessed? //
 +Try removing the '​global'​ downloads folder from "Quick access"​ and replace it with a link that points at your Downloads folder.
 +C:​\Users\<​user>​\Downloads versus "This PC > Downloads"​
 +It's essentially the same folder, but there seems to be a lag - indexing is scanning the '​global'​ downloads folder every time. You might try adding the '​global'​ downloads folder to the index - simple way -> create a new Library called Downloads and add your Downloads folder to the new Library
 +=== Restore the "Open Command window here" in the right-click context menu ===
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