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 +====== Replacing Air Springs with Regular Springs in a 97 Expedition ======
 +I am not sure I posted my final impressions after replacing the rear LLS with springs from Strutmasters,​ so there it goes. If I already did, sorry for the repeat...
 +My Expy had the 4 wheel LLS, which includes conventional shocks at the rear.
 +The shop ordered a set of replacement rear springs from Strutmasters and installed them. That took about 1.5 hours of labor.
 +The front is now simply resting at the lower height with the torsion bars, but the truck looks fine and balanced.
 +I drove it 600 miles, including 300 miles while towing my car on a tow dolly.
 +I could not tell the difference with the air suspension. Confort and towing ability (at least for that relatively light load) were not noticeably affected.
 +The total cost, including replacing a coil pack (not related, but done at the same time) was just about $400. The shop gave me a good deal.
 +That is probably an order of magnitude less than it would have cost me to have the LLS repaired at the Ford stealership,​ and I would still have been left with a poorly reliable system. I am pretty sure the springs wont require maintenance for as long as I have the truck.
 +I will put the front and rear height sensors, and the compressor, on ebay soon... The compressor is 3 years old but has been used very little, since the LLS was turned off most of the time.
 +The Strutmasters rear springs are a highly recommended upgrade for anyone with a 4 wheel LLS.
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