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 +====== Slashdot for Blackberry ======
 +I love my Blackberry 8830 Curve. The Wi-Fi enabled device makes browsing the web possible (while lessening the risk of extreme aggravation) when you are in range of a Wi-Fi router. However, there are many web sites that do not offer a mobile-device-optimized page. Slashdot is one of them. Slashdot even looks marginally good on my laptop'​s 1024 pixel-wide display because excessive space is reserved on either side for navigation bars and ads. I came across a posting by an anonymous contributor who described a hack he devised which strips the main Slashdot page of the crud and makes slashdotting on the Blackberrty a pleasant experience:
 +The following are comments embedded in the page, only visible when you do "View Source"​. I have copied those here for convenience.
 +<!-- not perfect but it's enough to give you a good fix if you're standing in line somewhere. :-)
 +I've got it set the way I read Slashdot when I'm logged in: +5, threaded,
 +oldest at the top. If you want to change the values, copy the code to your
 +own server and go to town. :-) I <​em>​might</​em>​ get around to making it so you
 +can change these things (it'd be easy enough) but what I <​em>​really</​em>​ want
 +to do is get the comments displaying correctly. Sometimes it shows the comment,
 +sometimes just the comment title. I have no idea why and looking at the HTML 
 +source doesn'​t reveal an obvious answer. (<​em>​Man</​em>​ that's a mountain of
 +code.) Comments don't indent so it might be hard to follow threads but on 
 +the other hand it fixes a common problem where sub-sub-sub-replies get tabbed
 +so far over that there'​s only 1 word per line.
 +[[http://​alterslash.org]] is a nice text only version of slashdot that does a good job of picking a few of the best comments.
 +And by the way, my personal weather page, for a quick look at the South-East US weather, click here:
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