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 +====== Extenders for Tek 7000 Series Oscilloscopes ======
 +//Craig Sawyer has made a home brew 7xxx flexible extender a year or so ago. He has uploaded details onto his server, and he says you are welcome to download it. //
 +    * All cables are 3 feet long (or 1 metre)
 +    * You need two donor plug in's for the support frame, and a card guide at both ends (or one, with a homebrew Al plate to support the other)
 +    * You need either a scrap 7xxx backplane from which to pillage an edge connector, or buy one from Farnell (check archives under my name for the part number)
 +    * There are circuit board layouts in various formats. Check the scaling before using - the track spacing is supposed to be 0.1"
 +    * Screened cable is RG174
 +    * There are a couple of pics of a real Tek extender for reference
 +I'm **not** prepared to answer any deep questions about this - if you are interested in a roll-your-own simply adapt as necessary to make something that works.
 +  * http://​www.tech-enterprise.com/​tekstuff/​Extender/​Flex1.DXF ​
 +  * http://​www.tech-enterprise.com/​tekstuff/​Extender/​Flex2.DXF ​
 +  * http://​www.tech-enterprise.com/​tekstuff/​Extender/​Flex1.SKF ​
 +  * http://​www.tech-enterprise.com/​tekstuff/​Extender/​Flex2.SKF ​
 +  * http://​www.tech-enterprise.com/​tekstuff/​Extender/​Flex1.WMF ​
 +  * http://​www.tech-enterprise.com/​tekstuff/​Extender/​Flex2.WMF ​
 +  * http://​www.tech-enterprise.com/​tekstuff/​Extender/​Flexibleextenderspec.xls ​
 +  * http://​www.tech-enterprise.com/​tekstuff/​Extender/​Flex1.doc ​
 +  * http://​www.tech-enterprise.com/​tekstuff/​Extender/​Flex2.doc
 +And posted on October 23 2004:
 +The flexible one can be made with a scrap frame, a circuit board, some ribbon cable, four lengths of heavy wire an six coaxes (Tek's ribbon had all of this incorporated in the ribbon itself).
 +The female end can be either a connector from a scrap 7000-series backplane, or a 0.1 pitch, 40-way double sided edge connector. These are available from Farnell/​Newark,​ part number 965-996.
 +You pull out the end connector pins and insert a pair of 972-216 location keys.
 +These make the connector locate perfectly on the end of a 7000-series plug-in.
 +These are in fact ?McMurdo parts; here is the datasheet if you want to find them elsewhere than Farnell:
 +There really is shed loads of stuff - and by no means all from me. I can't understand why there is a problem using the search engine on the Yahoo Tekscopes site...
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