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 +====== Replacing Rotary Encoder Lamp on various HP equipment ======
 +//​mikenearlibertymo wrote: // \\
 +//> I recently bought a couple units off ebay and one had no manual sweep // \\
 +//> or step functions. The problem was a burnt out grain of wheat lamp in // \\
 +//> the opto resolver. The lamps are same/​similar to what you find in // \\
 +//> those "​Mag"​ machined aluminum flashlights. I used a 6.3V unit to fix // \\
 +//> it. // \\
 +If you are talking about the rotary encoder used for operator input on the front panel of many HP instruments of this era, the lamp is actually a grain-of-wheat coiled filament lamp rated at 5 volts. The exact replacement lamp is a type 683, available today from all the large supply houses. Failure is common and replacement straightforward,​ after getting the correct lamp.
 +Best wishes,
 +Larry McDavid W6FUB \\
 +Anaheim, CA  (20 miles southeast of Los Angeles, near Disneyland)
 +//More information on September 23rd: //
 +If your encoder is the type with the removablel back cover its probably repariable. ​ I just finished repairing a couple of them for some HP 8660 sig gens.  They used a tungston lamp and a couple photo diodes internally. ​ Just replace the lamp test/adjust outputs, and you're back in business.
 +I purchased my lamps from www.KensElectronics.com for about $5.  ​
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