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ADIF Lookup Software

This utility was written as an interface between N1MMLogger (a free, excellent contest logging software) and Logger32 by K4CY (a free, excellent general purpose logging software).

After a contest, it is easy to export the contest log as an ADIF file from N1MMLogger and import it into Logger32. However, I wanted to be able to populate the NAME, ADDRESS and other fields other than by hand.

This program works on the ADIF file after it's been created in the contest logging program and uses the on-line database and optionaly the GoList database (and other sources being developped, see HamLookup) to fill the blanks, when such information is available.

Alternately, if your general logging software can export the log in ADIF format, you can export, run against ADIFLookup and reimport your log so that you can populate these fields even in old QSOs that are already in your log. For test and demonstration purpose, a tester provided a 12 MB ADIF log file with over 36,000 QSOs which took about an hour to be processed here using my Cox broadband internet connection. Try that by hand!!!

Here are some tips for using ADIFLookup with Logger32: Logger32Instructions.html

Here is what the program main window looks like:

Download and Installation instructions

Check the Release Notes for downloads, installation, usage and the latest information and bug fixes.


This software was written in VB 6.0 (released in 1998, and became obsolete in 2008.) The software itself was last updated in 2012 so I cannot assure you it will work much past after that.