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 4CX1600B Kilowatt Plus HF AmpPDF   3.1M  
 Design of constant phase difference networks RFD 1993PDF   404K  
 Grid dip meter - How to use grid dip meterPDF   240K  
 Logic compatible mixer article RFD 1993PDF   312K  
 Measuring LC resonator Q EMRFDPDF   292K  
 Op amp phase compensation article GRAEME EDN 1991PDF   1.4M  
 RF Transistors Principles and Practical Applications 2nd DYE 2000PDF   7.5M  
 Reference Data for Radio Engineers 4th ITT 1956PDF   13M  
 Resource Handbook of Electronics CRC 2001PDF   7.7M  
 Summary of 8.5 digit DMM specificationsPDF   84K  
 Vacuum Tube Rectifiers SCHURE 1958PDF   2.7M  
 Vacuum Tube Voltmeters RIDER 1951PDF   23M  
 Valve and Transistor Audio Amplifiers HOOD 1997PDF   3.9M  
 Western Electric repeating coil dataPDF   584K