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 Sencore CB41 CB Analyzer Operator ManualPDF   32M  
 Sencore CB41 CB Analyzer SchematicPDF   1.2M  
 Sencore CB42 ManualPDF   14M  
 Sencore CH255 Component Holder for Sencore Z meters 1 of 2 Operator ManualPDF   2.9M  
 Sencore CH255 Component Holder for Sencore Z meters 2 of 2 Operator ManualPDF   4.1M  
 Sencore CH255 Component holder for Sencore Auto Z meters Operator ManualPDF   6.9M  
 Sencore CM2000 Firmware unknown version EPROMRAR   28K  
 Sencore CM2125 Firmware unknown version EPROMRAR   40K  
 Sencore CR-70-1991-SetupPDF   5.1M  
 Sencore CR70 Operation ManualPDF   2.5M  
 Sencore DVM38 Digital Multimeter Operator ManualPDF   3.3M  
 Sencore FC221 Field Calibrator for Sencore Z meters Operator ManualPDF   2.6M  
 Sencore FC45 230 mHz Frequency Counter Service ManualPDF   3.1M  
 Sencore LC102 Auto Z meter Operator ManualPDF   18M  
 Sencore LC102 Capacitor-Inductor Analyzer EPROM 169G266TMS27C256BIN   32K  
 Sencore LC53 Z-MeterDirectory   
 Sencore LC75 Capacitor Inductor Analzer Schematic and PartsPDF   3.1M  
 Sencore LC77 Auto Z meter similar to LC102 Operator ManualPDF   7.2M  
 Sencore PS130 OscilloscopeDirectory   
 Sencore SC3100 Auto-Tracker Oscilloscope Operator ManualZIP   41M  
 Sencore SCR250 Sencore SCR and Triac Tester for Auto Z testers Operator ManualPDF   30M  
 Sencore Scope SchoolPDF   107M  
 Sencore UPS164 SchematicPDF   532K