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 Codar CR-70A ManualPDF   4.4M  
 Codar PR-30 Pre SelectrPDF   1.2M  
 HP 54111D 16 EPROM Version Firmware EPROM-54111D16EPROMVersionRAR   188K  
 Krohn-Hite UHR-216 225 235 245 Rower supply Operator Manual-Krohn-Hite UHR seriesPDF   1.5M  
 NRVS-Manual 1020.1973.12-05PDF   8.3M  
 SMC HF150 user manualPDF   6.2M  
 TS940 servPDF   28M  
 TS940 userPDF   5.0M  
 Tektronix TDS 580C EPROM v5.1.1e-U1052BIN   4.0K  
 Tektronix TDS 580C EPROM v5.1.1e-U1055BIN   4.0K  
 Tektronix TDS 580C EPROM v5.1.1e-firmwareBIN   4.1M  
 Tektronix TDS 580C EPROM v5.1.1e-nvramBIN   640K  
 Ten Tec Corsair Model 560 manualPDF   14M  
 Ten Tec Model 564 Omni VI Plus Manual 2PDF   9.3M  
 Thurlby Thandar LA3200 LA4800 Disassembler manual for Z180x instructions Operator Manual-DP-Z80182NPDF   364K  
 Thurlby Thandar LA3200 LA4800 Disassembler manual for Z80 processor instructions Operator Manual-DP-Z80NPDF   300K  
 Thurlby Thandar LA3200 LA4800 Logic Pod Disassembler ROM for decoding Z80 instructions EPROM V1.03-Z80V1.03BIN   32K  
 Thurlby Thandar LA3200 LA4800 Logic Pod Disassembler ROM for decoding Z80 instructions EPROM V1.03-ttiz80BIN   32K  
 USSR 2K11 Calibration plugin Service Manual-2K11TechnischeBeschreibungundBetriebsanleitungPDF   2.3M  
 USSR C1-122 Oscilloscope mainframe Service Manual-C1-122GrundgeraetTechnischeBeschreibungundBetriebsanleitungPDF   8.9M  
 USSR C1-122 Oscilloscope system Operator Manual-C1-122SystemTechnischeBeschreibungundBetriebsanleitungPDF   1.2M  
 USSR R4C-90 Vertical amplifier plugin Service Manual-R4C-90TechnischeBeschreibungundBetriebsanleitungPDF   4.6M  
 USSR R4C-91 Timebase plugin Service Manual-R4C-91TechnischeBeschreibungundBetriebsanleitungPDF   8.6M  
 Wavetek 3000 Signal Generator 1 - 520 MHz Service Manual-Wavetek 3000 Manual completePDF   92M  
 Yaesu FL2100Z schPDF   144K  
 Yaesu Linear fl2100b manPDF   1.5M  
 adonis mic 508PDF   120K  
 bc221 frequency meterPDF   536K