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 2N3904 intercept and gain vs current EMRFDTIF   5.2M  
 3 terminal regulator pinouts N4XYPDF   100K  
 AC mains zero cross detector Atmel AVR182PDF   96K  
 AD835 RF mixers DL7VFSPDF   1.6M  
 ADC 6581 8 digit multimeter datasheet JapanesePDF   1.6M  
 AD AN-237 choosing DACs for DDSPDF   904K  
 AD AN-347 shielding guardingPDF   596K  
 AGC design for communications receivers ADPDF   132K  
 API 2520 op amp schematicPDF   132K  
 APT Holman stereo preamp schematic VHQTIF   231M  
 Adaptive OCXO drift correction thesis Zhou 2009PDF   2.2M  
 All digital phase measurement NIST PTTI 41PDF   548K  
 CDG2000 HF transceiver articles RadCom 2002PDF   42M  
 CRT phosphor dataPDF   204K  
 Calculate damping for 3rd order PLL 2007PDF   1.1M  
 Ceramic capacitor distortion EDN 2007PDF   160K  
 DABP dual amplifier bandpass filter design equations ADPDF   212K  
 DIY RF power calibrator articlePDF   628K  
 DIY UHF prescaler article divide by 1000PDF   1.3M  
 Datron-Wavetek 4920M AC Measurement Standard - Military Version Service ManualZIP   22M  
 Datron-Wavetek 4920 AC Measurement StandardZIP   5.4M  
 Datron 4920M UsersPDF   33M  
 Datron Wavetek 4920 AVMS Users Handbook 150dpiPDF   46M  
 FM BCB antenna circularly polarized indoor loopPDF   372K  
 FM BCB antenna tilted dipolePDF   260K  
 HP 3588A Firmware U701 and U702 EPROM 60305-HP 3588A ROMZIP   24K  
 HP AN123 floating measurements and guardingPDF   4.1M  
 Handbook of Noise Measurement Peterson GR 1980PDF   29M  
 Helical resonator designPDF   240K  
 Icom ic725 hf transceiver Operator Manual-IC-725InstructionManualPDF   2.4M  
 Icom ic725 hf transceiver Service Manual-IC-725 SMPDF   12M  
 Isolated AC mains zero cross detectorPDF   300K  
 Josephson voltage standards introductionPDF   572K  
 Lindenblad satellite antennaPDF   472K  
 Low Level Measurement Handbook 6th Keithley 2004PDF   584K  
 Mixers modulation demodulation ARRL Handbook Ch15PDF   1.8M  
 New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Kalman ASME 1960PDF   168K  
 Op amp distortion measurements Groner 2009PDF   35M  
 Powersonic SLA battery datasheetPDF   1.0M  
 Practical PLL Design Fischette ISSCC 2004PPT   1.4M  
 Predictability of zener references 732A 732B FlukePDF   64K  
 Prototyping techniques tutorial AD MT-100PDF   1.1M  
 R392 26A7 MOSFET replacement Johnson annotatedPDF   2.1M  
 R392 26A7 super simple audio modPDF   1.6M  
 R392 transistor audio module schematicPDF   1.7M  
 RF hybrid splitter combiner theoryPDF   212K  
 RF prototyping techniques UCSB 1998PDF   728K  
 RS-ESVB UserPDF   93M  
 Reactance nomographs RDRE 4thPDF   32K  
 SRS FS700 710 manualPDF   2.0M  
 Sencore FE-160 fet vom schematicPDF   7.1M  
 Tektronix SCD1000, SCD5000 & RTD720 Transient Waveform Recorder Utility SoftwareZIP   204K  
 Termination Insensitive Norton Amplifier Makhinson QEX 1995PDF   1.3M  
 URV35 ServPDF   31M  
 Very accurate AC voltage measurements NBS 1971PDF   12M  
 Voltage drop nomographPDF   632K  
 test model test of php 5.5 Operator Manual-5 and 10mhz low pass notch filterPDF   96K