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 01 EEPROM FRAM FlashDirectory   
 02 MOSFET BipolarDirectory   
 03 LDODirectory   
 04 LEDDirectory   
 05 LCD and LED Displays and MetersDirectory   
 06 MicrocontrollersDirectory   
 07 Diodes RectifiersDirectory   
 08 I2C PeripheralsDirectory   
 09 Smart SwitchesDirectory   
 10 MiscDirectory   
 AVX CY Series glass capacitor datasheetPDF   52K  
 AVX K CY CYR ET K Series glass capacitor datasheetPDF   532K  
 AVX microwave MLC capacitorsPDF   120K  
 Databooks from SphereDirectory   
 Motorola Integrated Circuits Data Book 1971PDF   37M  
 Motorola Rectifiers and Zener Diodes Data 1988PDF   33M