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 300 HPXREFPDF   48K  
 HP BENCH BRIEFS 1973 04 04 PDF   5.0M  
 HP BENCH BRIEFS 1973 11 12PDF   2.4M  
 HP BENCH BRIEFS 1975 09 12PDF   2.6M  
 HP BENCH BRIEFS 1976 01 04PDF   2.1M  
 HP BENCH BRIEFS 1979 05 07PDF   7.3M  
 HP BENCH BRIEFS 1981 03 05PDF   5.9M  
 HP BENCH BRIEFS 1981 06 08PDF   3.1M  
 HP PARTS LIST 1973 74PDF   34M  
 HP SEMIS 1 1850 1900TYPESPDF   1.8M  
 HP SEMIS 2 1818 1826TYPESPDF   11M  
 HP SEMIS 3 1850 1900TYPESPDF   1.4M  
 HP SEMIS 4 1818 1826TYPESPDF   3.3M  
 HP SEMIS 5 1818 1826TYPESPDF   2.6M  
 HP SEMIS 6 1818 1826TYPESPDF   4.6M  
 HP SEMIS 7 1850 1900TYPESPDF   5.8M