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 LeCroy 1996 Catalog Reduced SizePDF   42M  
 LeCroy 2001 CatalogPDF   13M  
 LeCroy 2005 2006 CatalogPDF   9.7M  
 LeCroy 2007 2008 CatalogPDF   12M  
 LeCroy 424434454 Digital Storage Oscilloscope Ops and Service ManualZIP   15M  
 LeCroy 424 434 454 422 432 WaveSurfer 400 Service ManualZIP   15M  
 LeCroy 6000 series Digital Storage Oscilloscope Service ManualDirectory   
 LeCroy 7200 7200ADirectory   
 LeCroy 7242 7242A 7242B Plugin Service ManualPDF   134M  
 LeCroy 9210 Pulse Generator Operators ManualPDF   5.5M  
 LeCroy 9304AAM Digital Oscilloscope Service ManualPDF   28M  
 LeCroy 9314AX-CX Service Manual APDF   11M  
 LeCroy 9320PDF   48M  
 LeCroy 9354A-M-L-TM Service Manual CompletePDF   51M  
 LeCroy 936xDirectory   
 LeCroy 9374M-L-TM Service ManualPDF   49M  
 LeCroy 9384M-TM-L-AL Service Manual 28-DEC-2010PDF   31M  
 LeCroy 9384 LeCroy 9384 Oscilloscope Service Manual with Schematics Service Manual-LeCroy9384OscillocscopeServiceManualPDF   31M  
 LeCroy 93XXDirectory   
 LeCroy 93XX Files and Data for FDD Replacement Operator Manual REVC 21-JUN-2014ZIP   1.9M  
 LeCroy 93XX Hands On Guide LOG VersionPDF   11M  
 LeCroy 93XX Old CPU2 EPROM V2.9 and V6.7RAR   912K  
 LeCroy 93XX Service ManualZIP   33M  
 LeCroy 9400A Chapter 2 Test Adjustments CalibrationPDF   3.0M  
 LeCroy 9400A Chapter 7 Schematics Part2 11x17 single sidedPDF   8.9M  
 LeCroy 9400A OperationPDF   8.9M  
 LeCroy 9400A Operators ManualPDF   8.9M  
 LeCroy 9400 9400A Service ManualPDF   14M  
 LeCroy 940 950 954 960 WavePro 900 Service ManualZIP   13M  
 LeCroy 9410 Service ManualPDF   23M  
 LeCroy 9424 Digital Storage Oscilloscope Service Manual May 1993PDF   24M  
 LeCroy 9450A Service ManualPDF   35M  
 LeCroy 9450 Service ManualPDF   7.0M  
 LeCroy 94XX Remote Control ManualPDF   6.5M  
 LeCroy Color Oscilloscope Hands On Guide REVCPDF   7.0M  
 LeCroy DDA Disk Drive Analysis Reference ManualZIP   1.8M  
 LeCroy DFP Digital Filter Package User GuideZIP   1.1M  
 LeCroy GPIB Programming ManualPDF   6.5M  
 LeCroy JTA CCTM JitterPro Jitter Timing Analysis User GuidePDF   2.0M  
 LeCroy LA-314 SS-7840 400MHz AnalogRAR   4.7M  
 LeCroy LA314314H 400470MHz Analog Oscilloscope Service ManualPDF   11M  
 LeCroy LC334A LC574AL DatasheetPDF   100K  
 LeCroy LC554 LC564 Digital Storage Oscilloscope Service ManualZIP   6.7M  
 LeCroy LC574A Service ManualPDF   34M  
 LeCroy LC574A panels revAZIP   40K  
 LeCroy LC664 LC684 Digital Storage Oscilloscope Service ManualZIP   25M  
 LeCroy LC9370 Operations Manual (German)    3.6M  
 LeCroy LC Oscilloscope Operators Manual REVAPDF   4.9M  
 LeCroy LC Oscilloscope Remote Control Manual REVPPDF   1.8M  
 LeCroy LS-140 Digital Storage Oscilloscope EPROM 2.00 and 2.11-LS140FirmwareZIP   2.3M  
 LeCroy LS-140 Digital Storage Oscilloscope EPROM 2.00 and 2.11ZIP   2.3M  
 LeCroy LS-140 Operators ManualPDF   11M  
 LeCroy LS140-FirmwareZIP   1.6M  
 LeCroy LS140 Schematics 35 PagesPDF   9.0M  
 LeCroy LS140 Software DocumentsZIP   328K  
 LeCroy LSA1000 Signalyst RevB Oct 98Directory   
 LeCroy LSA1000 System DSODirectory   
 LeCroy LTXXX Digital Storage Oscilloscope Service ManualPDF   3.9M  
 LeCroy LTXXX WaveRunner1 Digital Storage Oscilloscope Service ManualPDF   12M  
 LeCroy LW400A and B Series Operators Manual CompletePDF   2.4M  
 LeCroy PMA1 Power Measure Analysis PMA1 User GuidePDF   684K  
 LeCroy PPXX DataTXT   4.0K  
 LeCroy WP03 Parameter Analysis Package Programming Manual APDF   864K  
 LeCroy WP03 WP03 Operating Programming ManualZIP   808K  
 LeCroy WP 940 950 960 WavePro Performance Verification SoftwareZIP   48K  
 LeCroy WP 940 950 960 Wavepro Performance Verification ManualZIP   1.2M  
 LeCroy WR2LT WR6k WR2LT WR6k BrochurePDF   2.3M  
 LeCroy WaveRunner 2 LT Service ManualPDF   3.9M  
 LeCroy Wavepro 960 Oscilloscope Service Manual-C1B69E83-1420-4F51-A589-A653911B9620PNG   5.5M  
 LeCroy Waverrunner 2 LT Series Operators ManualPDF   13M  
 LeCroy Waverunner 1 LT Series Owners ManualPDF   12M  
 LeCroy Waverunner 1 Series Operators Jan 2002PDF   12M  
 LeCroy Waverunner 2 LT Quick ReferencePDF   856K  
 LeCroy Waverunner 2 LT Series BrochurePDF   1.3M  
 LeCroy Waverunner 2 Remote Control Manual RevBPDF   1.5M  
 RC Compatibility of 9400 vs 9300PDF   72K