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 RCA-7587 Nuvistor AN-193PDF   296K  
 RCA 167A Test Oscillator Operator Manual-RCA167-AManualPDF   11M  
 RCA 1940 Vacuum Tube DesignPDF   50M  
 RCA 2CW4 6CW4 13CW4 NuvistorPDF   612K  
 RCA 6CW4 Nuvistor AN-191PDF   348K  
 RCA 6DS4 2DS4 NuvistorPDF   592K  
 RCA 7586 NuvistorPDF   892K  
 RCA 7587 NuvistorPDF   812K  
 RCA 7895 NuvistorPDF   768K  
 RCA 8056 Nuvistor AN-195PDF   156K  
 RCA 8058 NuvistorPDF   688K  
 RCA 87-A RCA Master Voltohmyst Model 87-A Service ManualPDF   12M  
 RCA AR-60 schematicTIF   6.4M  
 RCA AR-88D manualPDF   3.3M  
 RCA AR88D LF manualPDF   4.3M  
 RCA AR88D LF misc instructions 1-3PDF   992K  
 RCA AR88D LF repair testPDF   1.2M  
 RCA AR88D LF specifications 1953PDF   528K  
 RCA AR88D LF technical manualPDF   3.9M  
 RCA AR88D LF unit repairsPDF   588K  
 RCA CR-88 manualPDF   3.0M  
 RCA CR-88 schematicPDF   256K  
 RCA Electron Tube Handbook HB-3 SEC [3415]PDF   210M  
 RCA Junior VoltOhmyst ManualPDF   1.8M  
 RCA Junior VoltOhmyst SchematicPDF   68K  
 RCA Model TMV-75-B Field Intensity Meter (1936)PDF   3.4M  
 RCA Nuvistor AN-196PDF   340K  
 RCA Nuvistor dataPDF   5.5M  
 RCA ST-2013 Nuvistor in Video IF AmplifiersPDF   240K  
 RCA Tunnel Diode ManualPDF   9.2M  
 RCA WG-299D WG-301A WG-302A probes manual with schematics 1964PDF   532K  
 RCA WR-50B RF Signal Generator Operator ManualPDF   7.3M  
 RCA WT-100A MicroMhoMeter tube tester manual with schematic 1961PDF   11M  
 RCA WT-100A laboratory vacuum tube analyzer Operator Manual-RCA WT-100A Version 2 and3 Manual 8.5x11 as modifiedPDF   9.2M  
 RCA WT-100A laboratory vacuum tube analyzer Other-RCA WT-100A Schematic Version 2PDF   1.2M  
 RCA WV-77E VoltOhmyst VTVM schematicPDF   2.3M  
 RCA WV-87B Master VoltOhmyst Operator ManualPDF   4.8M  
 RCA WV-98A Senior VoltOhmyst VTVM manual 1955PDF   1.3M  
 RCA WV-98B Senior VoltOhmyst VTVM manual 1960PDF   756K  
 RCA WV-98C Senior VoltOhmyst VTVM manual 1964PDF   1.5M  
 RCA WV-98C Senior VoltOhmyst VTVM schematic 1964 11x17PDF   1.5M