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 Adjustment ProcedureDirectory   
 Fundamentals Of Spectrum AnalysisPDF   11M  
 ReadmeTXT   4.0K  
 TekScope Vol 12 Nr 1 492PDF   11M  
 Tek 492AP Switch Settings V9.7EML   4.0K  
 Tek 492AP Switch Settings V9.7JPG   108K  
 Tek 492 492P Brochure 1980PDF   9.4M  
 Tek 492 492P Operator Manual July 1984PDF   39M  
 Tek 492 492P Short FormPDF   4.3M  
 Tek 492 All SchematicsPDF   24M  
 Tek 492 Instruction Manual-1979PDF   3.9M  
 Tek 492 Maintenance Manual-corruptedPDF   20M  
 Tek 492 Microwave Spectrum Analyzer Service ManualPDF   20M  
 Tek 492 Service vol 1aPDF   10M  
 Tek 492 Service vol 1bPDF   9.0M  
 Tek 492 Service vol 2aPDF   7.7M  
 Tek 492 Service vol 2bPDF   9.6M  
 Tek 492 Service vol 2cPDF   4.5M  
 Tektronix 492A 492AP Spectrum Analyzer Operator Manual-TEK494A,494APOperatorsPDF   7.9M  
 Tektronix 492A 492AP Spectrum Analyzer Service Manual-TEK494A,494APServiceVol1PDF   22M  
 Tektronix 492A 492AP Spectrum Analyzer Service Manual-TEK494A,494APServiceVol2PDF   27M