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 DM5120 TM503A TEGAMTXT   4.0K  
 TEKalendar 1971PDF   7.9M  
 TekOscopes Aug60PDF   3.0M  
 Tek 015-0611-00 Programmable Pulse Head Service ManualPDF   2.6M  
 Tek 2221A OMPDF   4.7M  
 Tek 2402A Tekmate ManualPDF   28M  
 Tek 24xx Digital Scope Evaluation BoardPDF   17M  
 Tek 53 54C Dual Trace Preamp Service ManualPDF   12M  
 Tek 7xx3 Pushbutton illumination mod sheetPDF   2.9M  
 Tek Copyright ReleasePDF   12K  
 Tek Differential Scope MeasurementsPDF   216K  
 Tek Evaluation BoardPDF   8.8M  
 Tek GPIB Programming Guide 070-3985-00 Oct1981PDF   36M  
 Tek Oscilloscope Evaluation KitZIP   708K  
 Tek PS501 503 5004 501 CataloguePDF   124K  
 Tek SD14 Sampling Head Service ManualPDF   656K  
 Tek SD20 Sampling Head User ManualPDF   476K  
 Tek SD22 SD26 Sampling Head Service ManualPDF   692K  
 Tek SD24 Sampling Head Service ManualPDF   724K  
 Tek SD24 Sampling Head User ManualPDF   416K  
 Tek Sampling NotesPDF   556K  
 Tek TX1 TX3 Multimeter Service ManualPDF   712K  
 Tek Troubleshooting Your Oscilloscope 068-0315-00 89PDF   3.6M  
 Tek Word Recognizer probesPDF   236K  
 Tek XYZ Of Oscilloscopes 1603PDF   1.5M  
 Tektronix 1240 short formPDF   636K  
 Tektronix 2467PDF   552K  
 Tektronix 2710 short formPDF   116K  
 Tektronix 2782 short formPDF   432K  
 Tektronix 2B67 Calibration ProcedurePDF   148K  
 Tektronix 490 Series short formPDF   664K  
 Tektronix 577 DeviceTestingTechniquesPDF   170M  
 Tektronix 754-service-071013600PDF   320K  
 Tektronix AM-6565U vert ampPDF   22M  
 Tektronix Brochure May 1959PDF   804K  
 Tektronix Differential Scope MeasurementsPDF   216K  
 Tektronix Normalizer 155-0106-00aJPG   84K  
 Tektronix OS-245P U oscilloscopePDF   82M  
 Tektronix Xref smPDF   31M  
 Tektronix calibration fixtures 1968 300dpiPDF   51M  
 Troubleshooting tips on 2200 series Power SupplyPDF   144K